Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sans Computer

Dev returns to work after tying the knot. People reckoned he had put on weight although I failed to notice any significant change.

I'm in trouble. Santosh will shift pretty soon and that means I'll be left without a computer. I was dilly-dallying with some possible configurations that would make me happy and post-customizing my low-budget PC, the price had inflated to a whooping 40k. This is awful. Can't the International Red Cross donate me a PC? Whatever happened to humanity?!


Anonymous said...

If you need it you buy it. And what did you mean by asking me "Bought a house?"

Deepanjan said...

I may have no option but to buy it.

You said you resolution for 2007 was to buy a house, right?

Anonymous said...

yeah i said END of 2007..i didn't say i was buying myself a b'day gift :p and it's doubtful coz i have travel plans this yr..but hey good to have a goal!