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It’s 1:15AM IST

Live on air: Graho Ka Khel (on India TV) Ratna Rahasya (on Star News) Ratna Rahasya (on Aaj Tak) If Hindi news channels in India spend valuable air time on such programs, I can well imagine how informed the viewers must be. It’s hard to hold on to the hope that rational thinking will ever be a way of life for us and that we will ever be a progressive nation. We are seemingly condemned to an eternity of irrationality, ignorance and illiteracy.


What fond memories I have of going to a video parlor in Kharangajhar, accompanied by didi, to watch this movie! We were kids then, must have been more than a quarter of a century ago. I was overjoyed to discover my friend, Anirban, already at the parlor. Watched the movie with Asha today. The magic remains intact.


Watched the movie to mark its 70th anniversary. Ingrid Bergman was divine.

Serendipitous find en route to meeting some folks

What a pleasant surprise. I love the way the people in UK preserve their illustrious history. Wish we Indians could learn from them.

My new mechanical pocket watch

The crafting has been inspired by Westminster Abbey and is sold exclusively from the Westminster Abbey shop. I had been craving for such a watch since ages. Thanks to Asha for the gift of a lifetime!

Westminster Abbey

This was an experience to behold, one that was so overwhelming that I’m still at a loss for words to describe the events that unfolded. It’ll take me a long time for the experience to sink in. I’ll take it slow lest I go insane with excitement!

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