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A very special teacher

On my list, she’s tops!

Christmas Eve Pix


Spot the difference?

Why do people keep saying that Spotify Radio is just like Pandora? It’s nothing like Pandora. That most people are indifferent to the nuances of music is understandable. But I am appalled at how journalists in a hurry don’t even bother to check the facts before publishing their reviews. The web has given rise to a new crop of scribes who couldn’t care less about factual details.

Changes to my blog

Removed the Picasa widget from the sidebar. It was ugly and useless. Replaced the YouTube widget from the bottom of the page with a smaller and neater sidebar widget. Added the G+ widget to the sidebar. My public photo albums are accessible through it.

G+ gangs up with Blogger

I've relented to connecting my blog to Google+. One conspicuous casualty of Google's social networking juggernaut is the introductory text below my profile photo that had stood the test of time ever since my blog came into existence. I was rather proud of what I had written and it required little or no editing in all these years. Since I was not willing to let go of it, I have posted a slighted altered version of the text in my G+ profile. For nostalgia's sake, I'll reproduce the original text one last time. As an iconoclast, I'm fervent about promulgating my dissent of discriminating institutions like caste, religion and nationality. Espousal of liberty, fraternity, equality and love is close to my heart too. Thus this diary. This is my voice, my alter ego. It also chronicles as I wander through life's myriad experiences...experiences that endow us with treasured memories that make it a joy to live. This is also my first blog post being shared on G+.

Dad’s 7th Death Anniversary

Dad breathed his last 7 years ago today. Your memories live on, Dad. Thanks for everything.

City of Bath, UK

It was a most exhilarating experience. Bath just took our breath away. Not only was the city strikingly beautiful, it also hosted 2 legendary figures from history whose homes we had the honor of visiting: Jane Austen and William Herschel . The image above is a panorama. Click for the full-blown view. Clicking on the image below navigates to our Bath album. Bath, UK

Willis Conover from Jazz Yatra 1978!

This just blew me away. Thanks, Anonymous, for unearthing this asset!