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Wiring a lot of services to Blogger. Thanks to IFTTT for the big help. The only thing that I dislike in the current setting is the weird multiple lines and a comments image/hyperlink being appended to my blog posts on Blogger when sent across WordPress. I could use some CSS to hide some of the flab, but it’s still an ugly approach.

Ari after a Sunday siesta

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Ari loves to swing

The local park isn’t far from home and is often a welcome respite from the sedentary life we live. The park has a children’s corner that’s well availed by the kids in the vicinity. Ari is too young for most of the facilities, but a specially crafted swing has gained a near-complete hold over him. Pulling the two apart is a heart-wrenching exercise. After today’s mesmerising swings, Ari was in no mood to go home and the tantrums he threw attained epic proportions. Luckily, Asha was well equipped to handle the situation. We let the kid lie on the ground and cry his heart aloud while we calmly waited for his rage to ebb. It worked like magic.


We were getting tired of salmon. A Bengali housewife suggested an outlet where we could buy Ilish fish, a favourite. We tried our luck today and weren’t disappointed. It’s also a lot more economical than I had imagined.

Ari in New Delhi

This is funny! Brothers bond together and explore the world.


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Andover station, my frequent destination.

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A few inches from the Moon!

National Museum, Cardiff I’m standing beside a stone brought back from the Moon by the Apollo 11 mission.

April Fool prank on the Telco Colony group

This one will go down as a classic, I am sure! I gave the Telco Colony group a real scare this morning by writing the following post: A policy change. This group has swelled enormously since its inception. We also take great pride in the kind of discipline we have been able to inculcate in spite of the growing numbers. But it also breaks my heart to turn away the many people who apply for membership. I fret at night thinking of the sin we commit each time we say NO to a membership request. The memory haunts me. To make matters worse, we also constantly keep deleting posts deemed inappropriate. But what right do we have to judge others? Who are we to decide what stays and what goes? It’s time to deal with the guilt of misplaced authority. So starting tomorrow, we will see some drastic changes: All membership requests will be accepted. We say No to no one, even to those who have nothing to do with Jamshedpur. We allow all kinds of posts. You’ll have absolute freedom to post anything

Jobs (film)

Watched the movie today. Liked it. But no matter what I learn about Jobs, I can never like him.