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Bobby Farrell (Boney M) Passes Away

The 100th post of 2010

The number of posts has been on the decline steadily over the past few years. Things have now come to such a pass that I’m really stretching myself for the 100th post of the year. I have been eagerly following people’s comments on India’s recently failed GSLV launch on CNN, Slashdot and Yahoo! News. I’m appalled at all the bilious posts and took the liberty of lashing out at some of them. I’m a tad ashamed at my cheap-talk but I’ll excuse myself this time. TeaPartyImposter: great light show. for the good really. possibly the only thing standing in the way of world nuclear annihilation, and not, these days, is the fact that these third world nuclear powers can't build rockets much better than i can get out of a hobby kit.. Me: An American hobby kit that helps ppl build rockets is very much possible...only that this 'kit' must be nothing more than a video game for the XBox. And the way the American economy is tanking, it's only but natural that these retards will pr

Not the ideal Christmas fireworks

The launch of the cryogenic Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle, GSLV-F06, from Sriharikota failed today.

The backup plan!

Blogger really gave me a scare some months ago (is it more than a year now?) when all the comments previous to a date simply disappeared. Since then, I’ve used Amazon’s web services and Wordpress to backup my posts, just in case. I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to rediscover the lost comments. I especially loved reading these (ported to Wordpress). It’s been 5 years since we were so electrified on blogosphere. Time flies like crazy!

Blew me away!

The New York Times app on the Google Chrome Web Store had me drooling all over it!

A view from my apartment window

2 playful dogs making the most of the recent snowing in Montreal