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The way to protest in India

You think being backward is not a good thing? This community is fighting to be labeled backward so as to gain reservation benefits! On one hand, we are supposedly fighting caste-based discrimination. On the other, we are fighting to be called backward! This is India. The protests have led to a complete disruption of railway services in Northern India. The Jats are now threatening to turn the standoff more violent if their demands are not met. The government, true to its tradition, remains a mute spectator. It’ll try every possible effort to appease as many people just to remain in power.


I’ve waited many years to watch this movie. Now that I have, I feel fulfilled. My only rant is that this flick dwells heavily on opera, not my favorite genre. Mozart, I bow to thee.

Yahoo! Kills Alltheweb!

It was waiting to happen. My favorite search engine before Google became the phenomenon it is today, Alltheweb was a fantastic product from Europe. Its downfall began with Overture buying it…which was itself bought eventually by Yahoo. And we all know by now what the Internet pioneer does to the products it buys: it kills them! Thanks, Yahoo! RIP, Alltheweb.

The Black Balloon

A movie on Autism, The Black Balloon has touched my heart.

A TOI Post

Barber gets Rs 2.5L in big, fat Gujjar wedding