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Fraggle Rock!

I never thought I would one day rediscover these funny folks! I spent many a lazy Saturday afternoon glued to the TV, watching Fraggle Rock on Doordarshan. I was so addicted, I even recorded some of their episodes on audio cassettes!

Betelgeuse, one of my favorite stars

It’s the most beautiful red giant in the sky. There’s an interesting article on Rediff about the star possibly exploding in a supernova next year. Though this is plausible, the chances are rather slim, I’m sad to say. If at all it explodes, I hope it happens in winter…and during my lifetime. Nights would be amazingly beautiful for at least a few weeks since the BOOM. When it happens, I know Dad will be standing beside me as we look in awe at the stellar show. After all, he was the one who told me about red giants and supernovae when I was a kid. My fascination continues to this day.

The Yahoo! saga till Feb-2010

This is one of the many reasons why I hate business graduates calling the shots in tech companies.

A project close to my heart

Did you know that Wikipedia has only one office outside the US…and that it’s in India? This factoid may be dismissed as insignificant, but it proves beyond an iota of doubt one of India’s greatest strengths – its openness to flow of information. That we are sometimes completely indifferent to incriminating information is another issue altogether! When I became a Wikipedia content contributor 8 years ago, I found it hard to restrain my thrill of adding to what was potentially the greatest reference mankind had ever envisaged. My enthusiasm was clearly infectious cause Santosh too jumped into the bandwagon soon. Together, we spent hours (and burnt serious cash) adding and editing articles. Two of Santosh’s favorite pet projects: Jhanjharpur and Darbhanga . My favorite: Willis Conover . Sharing knowledge…I just love it!

Black Swan

Intensely Dramatic. Tchaikovsky would have loved it.

I wish I could get my hands on these!

Someone from Surrey is giving them away for free! Carrying them home would be a problem, though.

Those evenings

I feel I’ve lost my voice since Dad’s demise. I remember calling him up every Sunday exactly at 5pm when I was in Ranchi studying for my Masters. Dad would be seated beside the landline, eagerly awaiting my call. No sooner had I dialed our number than Dad’s voice would greet me. Our lives were equally stagnant and uneventful without each other, and yet magically we had a lot to speak each time we could grab a conversation. Our last conversation over the phone was an out-of-turn one. I called him on 7-Dec-2004 to tell him about my appointment letter. Dad was delighted. I felt on top of the world conveying the news. Dad passed away within 3 days. I’ve never had to keep my 5pm appointment since then.