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India Adieu

India bids adieu to the World Cup after failing to clear the first round. It's disheartening for the millions of fans back home to see their wild cats domesticated by novices and managing only a meek meow. The media onslaught has been predictably intense and the antics of die-hard fans making a mockery of Team India is on in full swing. Though our team's potential always looked dubious to me, I had never imagined things would come to such a pass. We have been cut to size by minnows and it's time for us to open our eyes and accept reality no matter how acrimonious it might be. Hype wasn't commensurate to potential. That's the bottomline.


Economy of space and pecuniary issues have compelled me to contemplate buying an Acer laptop in the near future. After all, just how long can I make do without a computer? If my personal/professional issues are sorted out and I'm indeed in proud possession of a prized laptop within the next few months, blogging will be back on track! But that'll only be a tertiary benefit! I really need a computer.

A promise to my alter ego!

My blog has often helped me from falling into the depths of despair. It has been a morale booster, a soul mate and a parallel persona-all rolled into one. I'll be back with a vengeance into blogging in the not-too-distant future and there'll be no stopping me. That's a promise. If conditions hadn't been so impossibly adverse, I would be raring to go already. I guess the hiatus must be extended just a little longer. I'll emerge stronger. Just wait and see!
The volatile times continue. I try...but shudder when I think of blogging. Facts must remain shrouded. I could blog so much had I remained anonymous. It's rue time! I'll regain my elements not before it's curtains for 2007.
One wrong decision and I feel like an outcast at home! I'm paying the price for my miscalculation dearly. Some people are way too intrusive...and don't even realize they're being a nuisance. Solitude, it would seem, is a lost commodity. I miss me.

Remember Me?

So how is the world coping my my absence in blogosphere? I'm very busy with my training and can't spare too much time for it-at least for the moment. I'm just waiting for Net connection at home.


Abhishek Gupta complains that repeated visits to my blog fail to throw up anything new. Well, a lot has happened over the course of this week. Thanks to a fiery email, a much-procrastinated change has finally happened. Someone even said that I had gone 'bonkers' in my mail. Now that I look back in retrospect over what made me take the drastic step...I can see reason in my action. Well, all's well that ends well! Thanks to my mail, I'm currently undergoing training at a new facility close to my house. I miss my colleagues and the usual buzzing of office-work. I'm thus ostracized from the mainstream till April 4 and it'll be difficult for me to blog during the interim period. I still can't believe my email was so explosive and power-packed! Java is mine!