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Showing posts from September, 2004
Yanni . A contemporary composer of rare stellar magnitude.
ClassicalArchives is the classical music aficionado's must-have in cyberspace.
Santosh has lost a lot of sleep over his opportunity to participate in an RD draw. Poor soul, he can't differentiate between a brower window and a mail-client window. Dashing emails to the editor proved just too futile!
Yahoo! LAUNCHcast happens to be the most popular internet radio station in the world. I'm head-over-heels in love with it.

My 3 Gurus

Bertrand Russell Nirad Choudhury Beethoven
This was my very first CD. I had bought it in '97! This was even before we had a CD player!
A lot of wannabe Miltons from BIT are opening Blogger accounts. Will they be posting regularly? No, they won't...and you could bet my pants on that!
Someone has anonymously sent me a message via my blog. Who the hell is it? Is it Sebastian? If yes, please reply.
Mars! This is as beautiful as beauty can get. This is yet another view of our celestial neighbour. My love affair with the heavenly planets and stars continue to this day. It's a tragedy that I didn't have an IQ commensurate with my love for the heavens.