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I had forgotten what a pain-in-the-ass dialup connections can be! I'm surfing from a plain vanilla cybercafe (without my beloved Firefox). Hotmail simply refuses to take me to my Inbox. IE5.00 fails to render my Blogger pages properly.
I won't miss Skytech, but I feel emotionally attached to the incredibly low profiled machine that gave me access to the Internet. Mozilla Firefox never failed me, though IE didn't work even when yanked! The poor machine didn't even have deskspace for its keyboard, which had to be dangerously perched over the CPU. BTW, someone from BE College, Shibpur actually praised me for the code!
Got the third & fourth set of printouts. The printer is cribbing for a cartridge replacement. I feel slightly guilty! I need to take a few 1-page printouts.
My penultimate day in Skytech remained rather uneventful. Multiple trips to the overworked office laser printer was the only departure from boredom.

2 Sabu

Man, u shook the devil out of me! Someone knows my password? Ah, but I'm paranoid about privacy!!! Only when I read my original message did the idea sink in! No, buddy! The access quota is desktop specific, not individual specific. I also keep a constant vigil over this desktop, by beloved gateway to cyberspace. No one uses it, believe me.

The case of vanishing quotas: WEBSENSE IS NONSENSE

Websense reminds me of the way the Indian bureaucracy and politics work: suspect. Websense is supposed to block access to certain sites, alloting users a total of 120mins to access them in units of 10. However, I find it strange that these quotas mysteriously disappear even when I do not use them. Where do these quotas go? Are they being surreptitiously siphoned off to some wise guy here? It beats me!
The ETG Coordinator infuriated me. Fancy the airs of the morons these days! I completed my project virtually all alone without any inputs from the Skytech people...and now this fool has the cheek to suggest modifications. Some of his ideas are outrightly silly. No wonder such men rot in insignificant firms like Skytech. Such imbeciles should be trampled.
I've been drugged by this constant coding. Clarity of thought is now an issue! Stooping over the desktop (during those pockets of internet access) is giving me a backache. However, now that the project is almost over, I hope to get some respite.

Reticent Santosh

I guess Santosh only interprets smoke signals! Why else would my mails to him go unanswered? His impending OT paper hardly grants attenuation to his peccancy of being so unreceptive.
If there's anything we techies loathe, it must be documenting! Don't believe me? Visit Mozilla , Sourceforge or any other open source project and see for yourself how spartan the documentation can be!


I've uploaded all my project files to the Rediff & Yahoo! mail servers. I don't trust the desktops here. You won't believe the antics I've had to suffer in the process.

2 Sittu

So u have a personal blog?!! Send me the URL. I don't use Hello from office. A solution for the firewall problem? Try Flickr . No need to download any software.

Pygmalion Effect @ Work

Couldn't keep my hands off my VB code. Added some enhancements, although my limited knowledge of SQL severely inhibits my ability to add more bells-and-whistles. I'll now append some inline annotations. Sameer still visits my pages! Made a new friend via Yahoo! 360.
CBS believes Aish is the most beautiful woman in the world. I couldn't disagree!

4 Sittu's Eyes Only

Yahoo! 360, Much Ado About Nothing.

Yahoo! 360

I now have a Yahoo! 360 page, thanks to an invitation sent by Sebastian. It seems to be a hybrid of a personal webpage and a blog. Fails to impress me, though it's a lot better than MSN Spaces. The nifty interface should appeal to newbies, though. Here's my URL:

The Meeting

Subhasish and I had a meeting with the project leader. Helped add some profoundness to the chaos of our project. Subhasish was planning to leave Skytech this weekend. Poor soul, that may have to wait for a while.

2 Sabu

Yeah, I've set the record straight. A silly typo was the culprit! There are other issues to deal with now. How do we count the number of records in the recordset? I don't have MSDN on my machine.

2 Anon

Dearie, What I have gone thru in the past 5-months could provide enough meaty stuff for the most ludicrous of Bollywood scripts. Unfortunately, most of it belongs to the not-so-nice category. Stripping these have placed me in a fix, as there isn't much to write about now. You'll have to make do with whatever comes your way, at least for the time being. Once the grass is greener, there'll be plentiful to keep you tabloid-hungry fellow happy!

Why can't I write?

I'm like an artist without inspiration. Maybe I'll write better when things are more tranquil around here. I perceive a distinct decline in the quality of my output in the recent past.

Grain of Salt

That's where we went for a party thrown by the QA Testing team. Felt terribly out of place. Overate. Came across a pretty lass. Couldn't stake a claim, though (theoritically, at least). She already had a boyfriend. When did I blow my chance? I guess it was during my evolutionary years, when I was busy formulating abstruse ideologies that would ultimately land me in no man's land...not even a woman's! BTW, can dexterity ever be achieved in eating chicken with knife & fork? Apparently, it can!
Mom had apparently been subjected to the wrong medication. The chemist responsible for this anomaly should be prosecuted.
Moderating our group is not really the solution to the malice that it had been afflicted with. Anyway, I hope all have learnt a lesson...just as I have learnt mine. It's safer to use my blog to reflect my moods instead of overwhelming others with my train of thought. These pages are far more receptive and less abusive. I miss Anon's belligerent ways!

The lengths to which people will go

I had taken the liberty of accessing the net from a machine that wasn't really used by anyone as a desktop. There was a cold war going on for some time regarding this issue. Everytime they came up with an idea to curtail my Net access, I somehow invented a way to circumvent it. Now, my luck seems to have run out! These guys have removed the mouse! Way 2 go! Bengali mentality rocks!
MS Access had made my blog inaccessible to me. ADODC is like an oracle from Satan. ODBC is making me sweat like a pig. It's a cruel world. Our group's activities have been brought to a grinding halt, thanks to the constant squabbles.


There was apparently a case of stolen identity in our group. This harbingered a deluge of slanderous statements. The whole experience has left a very acrid taste in my mouth! People are now weighing in on the moderators to come up with some magical formula that will bring the culprit to book. Allegations and counter-allegations are the order of the day and most people are clueless about the efficacy of their wonder cure. The cumulative mediodrity of our group is appalling. These folks need an intellectual upgradation urgently. Perhaps I should be keeping to my blog! Here's the bottomline : If our collective conscience can't uphold the sanctity of the group, nothing can.

Skytech Solutions: The Facets

One more month 2 go.


Got my voter's card. The sweltering heat almost took its toll on me...but I survived. Now if only I could get my passport on time.
Gmail completes its first year! It's increasing the storage space alloted 2 each user. A host of new features are also being launched.