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Called up Abhishek in Jampot. The bugger is tying the nuptial knot on the 27th. I was shocked to learn that Balraj is now a divorcee. Sudip met with a similar fate. His case was apparently more vitriolic.
Making last minute preparations to abdicate this place. Shifts are a bit unnerving for me. Samir visits. Finalizing contact with TataTechnologies.

Addicted...once again!

This time, it's Wikipedia. Here's the deal: I intend to be a lifelong contributor to it. Wikis had me perplexed for a long while, and in some ways they still are pretty enigmatic. But they are very much like blogs, really! Wikipedia is the best manifestation of wikis.

Getting archived

Why has WayBack Machine forgotten my site? After archiving my blog for a few times in 2001, it conveniently proceeded to forget me! Yesterday, I submitted my URL for archiving. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


Isn't it funny that Gulmohar High School, Jadavpur University and BIT,Mesra are all celebrating their Golden Jubilees in the same year? I am an alumnus of Gulmohar and BIT Mesra. Jadavpur Univ is just a stone's throw away from my parent's place! 2001
Music is the best company one can keep in solitude. Yahoo! Radio is doing a fine job towards this end. I fear getting addicted to it!


It's for the very last time that I'm accessing the net via the BIT lab. What a harrowing experience it has been for all these years! Here's what surprised me: We now access the web via IE 6. I was sick and tired of version 5, since many sites were off-limits. We actually manage to change...sometimes!
Gurdas in Nainital circa 2k. One of the naughtiest of my batchmates in Gulmohar School, this fellow has made it big in life. He was a baby-faced guy back in school, but now he has turned into a turbanated and bearded fellow. This image is a shocker of sorts for me!
Bhuwaneshwari Temple in Jamshedpur Railway Station in Jamshedpur.