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London to Manchester & back in 1 day

Manchester VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL       Manchester reminded me of Montreal. The tram, however, flashed images of Kolkata. Loved the ride.


Waking up to the ringing sound of an alarm is probably one of the most annoying ways to begin the day. But it really elevates to a human rights violation when you are robbed of an easy means to stop it. This morning, this was how I got violated. I’m reminded of the nostalgic days of DOS, when the GUI was only an approaching fad and computers weren’t all that graphic. Textual pleasure was reserved for the ones who actually learned the esoteric commands to get something useful done by the PC. But even the most die-hard fans of the operating system couldn’t always dodge the dreaded question at the command prompt: Abort, Retry or Ignore? I’m sure Microsoft earned a bad name from this infamous and blunt question. And since DOS was ubiquitous, tech journals sought to humor their bored readers by carrying jokes on the question. I remember one particular joke where an imagined futuristic car is just about to have an accident due of a brake failure. The dashboard pops the magic question just

Hitting a new high on Andromeda! Thanks to Windows 8!

Windows 8 drastically reduces load on Andromeda