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Most of the jazz greats known to me were introduced to me by dad. In return, I managed to do the same for him with some discoveries of my own. Stanley Turrentine was one of them. I'm listening to Turrentine as I type this post.


The thought of getting a Bluetooth keyboard has been on my mind ever since I bought my Nexus 7. But there's a problem. I don't see any Bluetooth 4 keyboard specifically made for my tablet. Then there's the other factor to consider as will. The onscreen keyboard that comes with my tablet is a charm to work with. The swipe action is so fun and accurate, I'm almost tempted to do away with the idea of getting an external keyboard altogether. But then again, my Nexus feels like it's missing a limb without the keyboard!

Arihant Sleeps

India has launched its 1st mission to Mars. The launch was a success. I hope the long trip to Mars stays on course. It won’t be easy. Most missions to the red planet have ended in failure. All the best, Mangalyaan!