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Showing posts from October, 2009

Visited WestField

It’s absolutely colossal. The star attraction was the Michael Jackson remembrance show. The dancers were amazingly talented and looked stunningly beautiful. There’s so much zeal here.

Sheep May Safely Graze – JS Bach

Various Artists - 02 / Sheep May Graze Safely - Bach     Found at I had first heard this composition 13 years ago. Though the tune was hauntingly beautiful, I forgot the name of the track and was desperately looking for clues…the only thing to aid me was the composer's name which I still remembered- JS Bach, a Baroque great I’m not particularly fond of otherwise – his Brandenburg Concertos being one of the few exceptions. Listen to it and think of a pastoral landscape. The two get along very well – I give you my word.

The DNS Scare

Domain transfers are scary business! I went mad configuring and reconfiguring before pinning my suspicion on TTL (Time to Live). I accessed a proxy server to verify my doubts, and, as expected, a caching nameserver was the culprit. Peace is finally restored!

An old confession…yet again

I’m dangerously putting off things till the very end. The only thing I don’t procrastinate is procrastination itself! Though I had promised to blog on the unlogged events that have occurred over the past few months, I failed to keep my word…but not anymore. Starting today, I’ll publish the missed posts that’ll hopefully fill the 3-month void and bring my blog up-to-date.


Installed ManicTime on my computer. It’s a great help.

Fake Accent University

Remember Ross from Friends who suddenly assumed an inexplicable British accent as a university professor? Remember further how Rachael made fun of him by placing a prank call from the fictitious Fake Accent University ? Ha! The fake accent seems to be an epidemic amongst South Asians in UK. No sooner do these guys hit the British shores and join biscuit packing factories or supermarkets in droves than they flaunt their superior air by junking their native accents at once and buying into the local one. This is not a generalization and there certainly are exceptions.