Friday, September 30, 2005

Zoya describes Lord Ganesha!

"...short fat man with an elephant head"

Zoya, that made me laugh real hard!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

The backlog piles

Gotta register for BillPay to pay my LIC Premium.
Gotta edit my postal address for communication with HDFC Bank.
Gotta apply for a Pan Card.
Gotta get my eyes checked and buy a new frame & glasses.
Gotta foot my phone bill and home rent.
Gotta consume multi-vitamin tablets everyday.
Gotta buy some bedsheets.
Gotta get my jeans altered.
Gotta plan my taxes.
Gotta track my expense report.
Gotta get rid of SAP ASAP.
Gotta apply for a passport yet again.
Gotta get back into the reading habit.
Gotta think about life.
Gotta recall the other backlogs that I just can't seem to remember...

It pays to enrich your bus power

Today was an auto strike and that left me without a mode of conveyance. I don't take the office bus as it's way too early for me (since I've the luxury of bench), and I'm not aware of the public bus routes. To make matters worse, it was raining. So I reached office totally drenched after a 45 minute walk thru the rain.
Office antics reigned supreme. Once again, Artes informed all & sundry to resend their time and expense sheets via their executable file. We were at our wit's end in trying to figure out how to configure the damned thing. My desktop didn't even have Outlook configured. Getting stumped (like so many other folks), I sought the help of a seasoned employee who readily agreed. Clara and I had to fill the expense stats too.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Miles Davis...the miles he went

Today's featured article on Wikipedia is Miles Davis. I'm reminded of a cassette of his that Dad had bought long ago. My enthusiasm for Jazz was in its infancy in those days. Apart from the weekly supply of Jazz from our giant radio, we had no other major source. I just loved the first composition that included a certain saxophone passage that was especially pleasing. Dad & I would never tire of rewinding to hear that particular passage. Of course, some other compositions were equally enchanting, especially the slow numbers.
Miles was hated by many for trying to experiment too much with Jazz. What he produced in his overenthusiasm was often too funky and not Jazz at all, some might say. Indeed, I found some of his later compositions absolutely revolting. Miles felt the pinch of his detractors and never really forgave them.
Nevertheless, no one can deny the lasting impression he left on Jazz. Miles was a legend by the time he breathed his last in 1991. So famous was he that even the ultra conservative Doordarshan reported it! I remember being immensely saddened by it.

An IT overdose

Sifting thru my previous posts, I came to the horrible realization that most of them pertain to IT.
Yuck! How did this happen? I'll put an end to this humbug once and for all. But if not IT then what? I'm short of ideas. It's impossible to come up with something everyday that's not menial.
Seriously, I'll have to cut down on my trivial musings.
Tried Yahoo! Messenger Voice service. I could hear Sameer's voice though he couldn't hear mine. My computer is awkwardly placed, which explains why I had to crane my neck to make myself heard, but to no avail.
Well, it was nice to hear Sameera.

Flirting with MusicMatch Jukebox Radio

Yeah, it sounds really good and I see in it a viable alternative to Yahoo! Music. Not surprisingly, Yahoo! owns it. One major source of irritation: India isn't one of the countries where MusicMatch is licensed to provide music services. The premium radio stations are thus out of bounds. It's a shame.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

If looks could kill

Hyperoffice was an avant-garde attempt at creating a web-based office productivity suite. Rudimentary in its functionality, it nevertheless managed to grab enough eyeballs because of its beautiful interface. The most striking feature of this site was the complete lack of advertisements, giving it the look of a conventional desktop application. The most beautiful product in this suite was its email. However, like, Hyperoffice too lacked a revenue model, something that made me distance away from it.
Hyperoffice practically had to reinvent itself to survive. However, the old charm is lost.

Deskless Desktop

Those were the days! I didn't own a computer, still don't. Year 2000 will go down in history as the year when people exhibited their stupid ideas with unbridled enthusiasm. was the offspring of one such crazy idea. A virtual desktop was created over the Net which could be accessed through any browser. I must concede the product was a stunner to look at! It looked almost exactly like a real desktop with its own taskbar, screen icons, mail client and even a browser!
I was so addicted to it that everynight I would visit a cybercafe and surf the Net only via I was proud of flaunting my 'environment' to all and sundry. However, the dotcom bust had just began and I got to know of something called 'revenue model', something entirely alien to my beloved site! Suddenly, it became an endangered species and I began to count its days.
Sure enough, the dreadful day did come. It was the 24th of December, 2000. BTW, the dotcom bust had obliterated so many sites in its wake that at least one special site named F** came into being just to help speculate the downfall of other sites. did find a mention there. Their witty observation about it (something to the effect of Desktop employees closing shop for an early Christmas!) was lacerative. Hey, most scientists ridicule the Steady State theory. I take heart in that!
Spoke to my HR Rep. I've been pounding so furiously on switching from SAP to some other technology that even he couldn't escape my plea! And this was the first time I spoke to him! He confirmed that thought it would not be possible for me to switch immediately, it could most certainly be accomplished in a year.

Jim Reeves, Ahoy!

So Yahoo! Music does archive Jim's songs! I'm hearing his golden voice via Yahoo! for the first time. Few people can match his rich baritone. Willis Conover is an exception. But he wasn't a singer!

Santosh doesn't get his priorities straight

It has been a few weeks since I shifted with Santosh to our current place of stay. I expected him to be a very provident guy who would use his time & money wisely, especially since he is still unemployed. Contrary to my beliefs, Santosh seems to have taken a special liking for the outdoors here. He is rarely in the house, seldom studies and lacks any motivation for making inroads into the IT industry. Last week, he came home drunk. My stern countenance got the message across!

What's doubly irritating is that he often takes the key (instead of leaving it with Manilal & gang) and still returns late, knowing full well that I would be stranded outside. I've lost count of the number of times he has done it. To make matters worse, I can't find any hint of remorse when he comes back, even thought his act has just left me stranded outside my room for more than 3 hrs at a stretch.

He has taken a fancy for something, that I'm certain of. But what is it? When quizzed, he refuses to delve and the enigma thickens! I just hope he doesn't lose sight of what he has come here to accomplish. Let's hope it isn't too late before he comes to his senses.

The IE-Hotmail Oddity

Try it:
Empty the Hotmail Trash folder via IE. It doesn't work.
Empty the Hotmail Trash folder via Firefox. It works!

Monday, September 26, 2005


Listening to Alison Krauss on my office desktop.

Friday, September 23, 2005


We have motion sensors in our office for more economic usage of lighting. Most of my colleagues have left but I haven't had my daily fill of Net surfing. That's why I'm still here. Being motionless most of the time, the sensors often mistake the room as empty (it's happening this very moment...again!) and begins to dim the lights before finally switching them off. Not all the lights are connected to the same sensor, luckily! All I need to do is make some meaningless movements & lo...there's light!
There we go again! Gotta do those motions.

Somethings about Somethings

Google Desktop Search has finished indexing my workstation & I'm pretty satisfied with the prima facie results. The interface is especially endearing. I firmly believe Google has the power to redirect computer users to the Linux platform by building products for it. This would easily fit into its vision and ambitions. Linux is in desperate need of a benevolent evangalist capable of not overwhelming computer users with tech talk. I think it's great that corporates like IBM & Sun are pushing Linux in a big way, but their high flying disposition can hardly persuade users to try the Open Source platform.
IE acts cranky on my machine & I've once again had to download the very reliable Firefox 1.5 (Beta). Works flawlessly. I've lost count of the number of times Firefox has come to my rescue.
The fan in my PC seems to be turbo charged. It's more noisy than the exhause of a steam engine! Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata (played via Yahoo! Music) sounds like some helpless bird caught in the midst of a hurricane!

Getting Tired Of Classical

Yeah, it's true! I'll be switching to listening to Jazz or Country. The problem with Jazz is that I always think of Dad when listening to it...& withholding my tears will be difficult. I was subjected to listening to Jazz on our TELERAD Sonetta radio practically from the day I was born! Jazz was always in the air, it now seems. It would never fail to put a smile on Dad's face. No matter how gloomy he was, Jazz would unfailingly pep him up.
Herbie Hancock & Charley Pride will be the next additions to my collection.

Initiating another one into blogosphere!

Anish now has a factory-fresh blog. This guy deserves a special mention in my blog. I'll do so on Monday.

The Desktop Search Battle

The battle for your desktop is hotting up. While I've traditionally been a Yahoo! fanatic (except for its mail & blogging services), Google seems to have scored over it with the new & improved Desktop Seach Version 2. Version 1 was supposed to be very sloppy, rudimentary & unimpressive.
Yahoo!, on the other hand, has played a low profile in trumpeting its Desktop Search features in its own inimitable style. Why it downplays its own strengths is beyond me. I had tried it during its initial days on Ashwini's PC sometime in May...and was deeply impressed. It searched thru more file types than Google and was supposed to be more complete and usable.
I've just downloaded Google Desktop Search on my office desktop.
Let's not forget MSN Desktop Seach. The Microsoft guys have been unfairly drummed each time someone comes up with a nifty tool. Microsoft, unlike others, is burdened with roping in a lot of additional bag-&-baggage each time it tries to come up with a product. Modularity is not an option it enjoys too often. However, in its overzealousness, it ends up pushing all its makings on to the face of the user. MSN Desktop Search is a case in point.
Well, to the victor goes the spoils!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I'm thinking of cutting down on the number of posts I make per day. Scribing daily trivia is hardly adding value to my blog.

Tax declaration is taxing!

I don't understand a thing! Somewhere, civilization has gone all wrong. I long for Sparta.
Google finally gels with Orkut in a manner that won't force users to remember multiple ids & passwords. How sweet!
Reminds me of the a similar courstship between Yahoo! and Flickr.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hotmail upgrades storage space from 25MB to 250MB. I can almost feel the tears flooding my eyes!

Hotmail is to flaunt a new look!

I was expecting the upgrade from Yahoo! Mail, but Hotmail (which seems to have lost the limelight to Gmail & Yahoo! Mail since long) is preparing to steal some of its lost glory back in the days to come. I'll always remain a Hotmail loyalist!
I'm learning the hard way not to trust anyone. Even the one you revere the most may be scheming your downfall. By no stretch of imagination may this seem logical, but who said imagination is limitless?

My Workstation Is Ready!

At last, my own PC! The mouse moves in jerks & the system is very dirty.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Imbecile BITians

Who should be held responsible for the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi? I'm sure most of the overeducated members of our BIT group would say William Shakespeare! Why? Because he coined the term 'assassination.'

I've consciously tried to avoid alluding to our group in my blog because the lowly activities that burden it hardly merit a mention. The said group is inundated with people less worthy than a sack of potatoes. However, the recent spate of events has compelled me to break my silence.

One of the brighter members of our group (who obviously is of the perverted type) has been having a whale of a time sending spurious mails of the utmost dispeakable type through the ids of innocent members. While this had happened in the past, the full-time job that he seems to be doing at it has set alarm bells ringing.

Some bright sparks seem to be so overtly concerned about the names of others being maligned that they have suggested the group be closed for good. However, they don't have the heart to voluntarily unsubscribe themselves! Typical hypocrisy we Indians are so famous for!

Well, I'm not in favor of the will of a few being forcefully shoved down the throat of other members. People volunteer to join the group...& they have the right to leave it if they so desire. No compulsions imposed. If people use their discretion to create the group, they must once again use their own sweet will to obliterate it. It's really upto the members to decide the fate of our group. The moderators are only instruments to that facilitation & nothing more.

I'm pained to see the affected people play into the hands of the culprit by jumping to conclusions without an iota of proof. Suspicion alone is enough to merit conviction, it seems. People who could have been the best of friends are left on opposite sides of an ever-widening rift, thanks to paranoia reigning supreme! They are taking sides based on whims & fancies, not intelligent judgment. Most folks lack an independence of thought. They ride either on a wave of hysteria or on the brainwaves of the select few who have the capacity to think. But while friendship is a great asset, should it be allowed to corrupt our minds when being judgmental?

I'm pained to see the schemes of the perpetrator(s) working with such flawless precision. I'm pained to see them shed such poor light on their own mindsets. I'm pained because others have not risen to the occasion to defeat their designs.

I've also been time & again subject to tuitions on the virtues of democracy & freedom of speech. Point taken. However, democracy would work fine only in a civilized society & not on a pack of hounds! We moderators have time & again given in to public outcry whenever posts were moderated. But what lesson did we learn each time? Keeping the hounds on a tight leash is probably the only solution!

I've been so overwhelmed by messages from far & wide that I've had to shut off my phone to buy me some peace of mind after Friday's harrowing experience. I'm really not bothered about the course our group takes. Let Nature decide on a fitting treatment.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Tchaikovsky's grave.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Bangalore, Dairy

Why ill luck romances me so much, I'll never know. Perhaps it's part of the heavenly scheme of things to drive me crazy, as if I amn't already!

Santosh was supposed to meet me at The Forum on Friday evening, as we were to go shopping to Big Bazaar. I've learnt the hard way that he seldom keeps his word, & this time was no exception. I reached The Forum only to be phoned by him & told that he wouldn't be able to make it. Great! Luckily, my instruments of fighting boredom, Sittu & Prateek, were there. I decided to buy 2 Tchaikovsky CDs (Symphonies #5 &6).

What's strange about the autos at The Forum or anywhere in its vicinity is that they seldom agree to ply to JP Nagar. It's some sort of colonial discrimination I guess! I decided to walk my way to Dairy Circle & try my luck there to catch an auto.

Everything was going according to plan. There's a desolate patch next to Christ College near Dairy Circle. Though the traffic is thick, pedestrians are a rarity. As I was walking through the locality, two young goons who must have been in their early 20s launched a sudden assault on me. A hard kick on my face left me profusely bleeding from my nose. Let me elaborate.

One of the guys approached me stealthily from the back & veering towards my right kicked me real hard on my face. For a moment, I didn't know what hit me! Gradually coming to my senses but still feeling dizzy, I realized what was happening around me. I was too dazed to register the exact train of events that followed but the robbers couldn't escape with my mobile, purse or bag as I gave them a fightback as best I could. However, I lost my glasses & a few other things in the scuffle. I can recall frantically calling for help...but to no avail. I remember finally managing to stop an auto that took me home.

My blood had stained my shirt, mobile & mobile pouch. I realized that my glasses were missing only when I reached home. My mouth hurts & my lower lip is swollen. I sleep disoriented. It's hard for me to eat & even smiling can't be taken beyond a stretch.

But why did the ruffians take such a drastic and bloody step? Why did they rough me up so brutally? While it's hard to defeat the intense urge to curse & hate them, it isn't hard to reason their action. Abject poverty and utter desperation may have primarily been responsible for steering them towards the darker avenues of making a living. Perhaps they were stripped of a fair opportunity to seek a better means of livelihood & I can only empathize with them.
Did you know that the Andromeda galaxy is the farthest object visible to the naked eye?
The Net is so addictive, I'm skipping lunch! It was the same story yesterday. Well, there's another reason for skipping. Now that my colleagues have left, I can finally get some peace & quiet. With them hanging around, it's way too noisy for comfort. How do they talk so much?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Corporate Honeymoon

I remarked being on bench was better than a honeymoon. It sure is.
However, it's awfully boring if you aren't assigned a workstation. Then, it's only better than a honeymoon with the spouse missing!
Used AOL Browser for the first time. Looks pretty slick.

Google, after much procrastination, has finally launched a long awaited Blog Search. I simply love it. Unlike Technorati, which, though good, has an ugly interface, Google Blog Search sticks to its signature simplicity.
Blogosphere will never be the same again!

Yahoo to Begin Testing E-mail Upgrade

Yahoo on Wednesday will begin testing a sleeker version of its free e-mail service, shifting to a more dynamic design that mimics the look and feel of a computer desktop application like Microsoft Corp.'s Outlook.
Oddpost will finally make an impression on Yahoo! Mail.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Brahms Symphonies # 2 & 3

I enjoyed neither of these compositions, although the 3rd movement from the 2nd symphony was great.

Dummy Project Is Over!

Module Pool (we BITians were responsible for it) worked without a glitch.
Today was also our last day with our instructor, Sree Latha. We had grown increasingly fond of her. We'll surely miss her.

Am I unique?

I am!
That's the personal opinion of my trainer.

Last day of technical training

It's our last day of technical training. It's the big day when project presentation has to be made.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Entrance to The Forum

Saturday, September 10, 2005

We have our project presentation on the 13th.


It happened when I was a 6th grader. I had suddenly hit the artistic curve and in no time managed to became the toast of my class. Let me elaborate. I was always an avid reader and dad didn't seem to mind the tantrums I threw each time I wanted to persuade him to buy me a magazine. I had discovered that this was a convenient way of procuring the factory-fresh magazines that used to flood the local newsstand. It was thru this tried-and-tested method (which was entirely unnecessary) that I managed to lay my hands on a particular issue of Tinkle, a magazineI considered not on an even-parity with my intellectual prowess ( I had a very high opinion about myself).
Little did I know that the road to ephemeral fame but no fortune lay just ahead. I came across this do-it-yourself article on making paper frogs. I considered these articles very girlie; but since I had nothing better to do, I decided to kill some time by learning the trick. It was a piece of cake. You simply had to begin with a square sheet of paper and with a series of crafty folds gradually transform in into something that had an uncanny but far-fetched resemblance with toads rather than frogs!
Opportunity knocked a few days later for me to showcase my talent (if at all I had any!). Our teacher was absent...and was substituted by another which in effect gave us a free-period. We would have infinitely preferred the full blown version of a free period ( no substitute teacher). Since that was not an option, we had to make do with whatever little we had at our disposal. It was plain boring, if you will! Then came the brainwave. I suddenly hit upon the idea of 'reproducing' the paper frog. Out came a notebook (they were useless anyway!). I tore a page, trimmed it into a square shape and went thru my motions of transforming it into a 'frog', as my partner looked on with renewed interest. Before long, my resplendent creations stood solitarily on my desk, complete with a butt that worked remarkably like a springboard. Press its butt, release it suddenly and see it 'leapfrog' like its biological counterpart. My partner (I can't recall his/her identity) took a fancy for my nifty little creation, and to my utter amazement, begged me to teach him how to create a 'frog' of his own. I was only too glad to comply, little knowing that I was embarking on a path that would one day threaten to assume epidemic proportions. Soon the requests started pouring in from far-and-wide (OK, that's an exaggeration) .
The frog culture was all set to spread like wild fire! Our free period ended, the requests simply refused to subside. Everyone having the knowhow treated it like a proprietary technology,and simply refused to part with it.But since I could never say no to anyone ( an idiosyncrasy and lives to this day), I had to comply. Before long, I was no longer the recluse I had been until then. People would hand around me to learn a trick or two. My name was mentioned in the intellectual circles. People tried their own innovations with the otherwise drabbed shape, but nothing seemed to add and extra edge to it. In the end, it was the classic shape that reigned supreme.Some people went further by coloring their frogs green. Others tried adding a pair of eyes transfixed on the anterior and dorsal side, which unfortunately made them look hideous and almost intimidating. Others with a technical bend of mind were more interested in the functionality and tried to reinforce the prostrate with thick paper. The butt heavy frogs could indeed spring very far, though most thought the additional effort simply wasn't worth it. Uncannily, most frog developed a personality of their own.Some were small but could leap a great deal forward, while others could leap high up almost over the moon. My frogs were an embarrassment to me, the founding father of our frog culture. They would leap way up,do a neat somersault and finally land on their back!
Being imaginative, I touted this as a feature instead of a bug. Most of my friends seemed to fall for that. Newspaper frogs were the cutest. Though they were almost entirely worthless on account of being flacid,they did provide ornamental meaning to our creations. Some were rather peculiar. They would jump perfectly and land on all fours, but only two inches back.
Then came the wave of zealous competition. People started pitting their creations against each other. All innovations that could be made would be made. The classroom floor became out favorite racing ground. Conspiracies were hatched and egos were smashed. Those who were victorious would be on cloud nine, while the losers were ready to avenge their humiliation in the next round. No effort was spared in inflicting the deepest laceration on the challenger's pride. But the poor frogs took a beating. They were so heavily overworked to satiate their masters' ego that some simply refused to 'work' anymore and went limp. The prostrates told a pitiable tale, as their ferocious masters kept working on their hinds. Such impotent frogs were quickly deemed useless and ostracized to the wastepaper bin, only to be replaced by a leaner and meaner sibling, until they too met the same fate. The bin was soon flooding with frogs with heavily soiled and toiled butts.
Soon a whole army of frogs came readymade from home, to serve the purpose of replacing each predecessor which attained martyrdom on our makeshift racetracks. There seemed to be an endless supply of frogs ready to be ferreted out from the schoolbag at the slightest provocation. The competition now assumed an almost clinical discipline. Impromptu rules and guidelines were setup and strictly adhered to, mini seances were held to appease the invisible forces and all cosmic connections summoned. I suspect there were even figmented pom-pom girls to pep up the crowd.
Some who misjudges the level of professionalism infused into these competitions were inevitably caught off-guard. When frogs were in shorter supply, no source of paper was spared. Drawingbooks were our favorite hunting ground. Consequently,they started shedding weight at an alarming rate. The paper was thick and most pages were virgins. If new pages were not found, the used pages weren't spared. Frogs thus made looked like colorful billboards hopping all over the floor. If drawingbooks weren't available, notebooks were next in line to face the axe. Though only unused pages were torn (used pages were still considered sacrosanct), there was a malady. The other ends of the torn pages began to come loose and that's how precious notes were often lost.Since free periods were a rarity, lunch breaks would be our favorite period to conduct the races. We learnt to gobble up our meals in record time and spend whatever remained of the break to conduct races. Some were so addicted that they couldn't resist the temptation of waiting until lunch. They hopped their frogs on the desks, stealthily from the teachers. Some overenthused frogs leaped way too much, made cameo appearance for the oblivious teacher before dissapearing. When quizzed on who was the inventor, all fingers pointed at me. I felt like Edison inventing the light bulb!
I can't recall how the frog culture came to an end. I guess all good things must.

The project goes on

It's not that I can't see
How busy others can be
But I wanna be free
From ABAP & SAP/R3

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Case Of Missed Calls

The ultra-expen$ive mobile phone that I recently bought has been rendered least as long as I'm on the streets of Bangalore, thanks to the deafening traffic noise.
Each time I reach my destination & check my mobile, I get a long list of missed calls, mostly from unknown numbers. One of these could have been a wrong number from a very pretty lady. Maybe I could have engaged her in an interesting conversation. Maybe she would conclude that it was destiny that was bringing us together. Maybe she would be so charmed, she would readily agree to a rendezvous with me in a hotel. Maybe it would be love @ first sight for us. Maybe our romance would take us places. Maybe her dad would be a paranoid business tycoon who wouldn't approve of our camaraderie.
Maybe she would transfer all her funds into my account as proof of her unending love for me. Maybe we would elope to Europe to escape her father's wrath. Maybe my daring deeds would finally ring a bell & he would be reminded of how rebellious he himself was not too long ago. Maybe in me he would find a reflection of himself back in time. Maybe he would have a change of heart and approve of our courtship. Maybe he would be so enamored by my towering personality that he would gift me with a villa in Beverly Hills. Maybe I would finally marry the lady who had brought me all this good luck!
But why would Bangalore's biodegradable citizens let me have all of this? If they had a heart, wouldn't they drive vehicles that were less noisy?
Damn you, Bangaloreans!
Uploaded some original photos taken via my mobile to my blog. I'm satisfied.
Our dummy project on SAP has begun. I remain true to the spirit of the project by sitting like a dummy.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Transferred some images to Rajat's mobile via Bluetooth. Expect some original photos soon!

Monday, September 05, 2005

My 3rd CD Player!

Sony Portable CD Player D-NE720
Sameer now faces the music on account of some clown sending a very graphic mail to our BIT group purportedly from his id. The poor chap protestedly meekly and turned to me for advice.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

A cartoonist @ work @ The Forum.
Purchased this album from Landmark. It's almost 10 years since Dad had bought me this album (cassette) for me. Over the years, I have bought many of Yanni's albums, the best being In My Time & Dare To Dream.
In My Time is a neo-classical album. Very soft & sentimental. I remember listening to it on my very last night in N-22.
Dare To Dream was perhaps the fisrt cassette I had bought in Pune. Simply loved it.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Picnic @ Shivana Samudra

SAPped guys in all their nudel glory!

Perched & ready to storm the world.

Vaibhav strikes a pose

Crossing a river in a boat

Nilotpal & Vaibhav

Nothing out of the ordinary about the way I remained a mute spectator! However, I relished the trip. The experience, however, left me thoroughly enervated. Sunday was used in rejuvenating myself.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Bought my first Sodexho Pass for Rs 500. So much of antics I have to suffer to evade paying taxes!
Yodlee finally supports Indian bank accounts. This shouldn't be surprising since its creators are from India. They have won innumerable patents for the technologies they invented for this site. However, I have reason to believe these guy lack business acumen.


Thursday, September 01, 2005

NASA World Wind

Google Earth now has a competitor.
How often do you meet a person who forgets to drink water? I come across one each time I look at the mirror! I make up for it by regularly drinking tomato soup in the office.