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My 3rd CD Player!

Sony Portable CD Player D-NE720


Anonymous said…
HI Deepu, give the tech specs of your DISCMAN, it's price, or just give the link to your player's web page.
Deepanjan said…
Atrac3plus/ MP3 playback capability
72 hours playback
Parametric Equalizer
G Protection
LCD Remote Controller
Rechargeable battery
High quality Ear-Bud earphones
Weight -170 grams (excluding battery)
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Erisin World said…
Thank you for sharing your experience. I have used CD player extensively, and continues to use them as my car audio system. Find Car RADIO DVD Players Europe. Glad to come across such pleasant article, looking forward for more such valuable pieces. Great blog.

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