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The Case Of Missed Calls

The ultra-expen$ive mobile phone that I recently bought has been rendered least as long as I'm on the streets of Bangalore, thanks to the deafening traffic noise.
Each time I reach my destination & check my mobile, I get a long list of missed calls, mostly from unknown numbers. One of these could have been a wrong number from a very pretty lady. Maybe I could have engaged her in an interesting conversation. Maybe she would conclude that it was destiny that was bringing us together. Maybe she would be so charmed, she would readily agree to a rendezvous with me in a hotel. Maybe it would be love @ first sight for us. Maybe our romance would take us places. Maybe her dad would be a paranoid business tycoon who wouldn't approve of our camaraderie.
Maybe she would transfer all her funds into my account as proof of her unending love for me. Maybe we would elope to Europe to escape her father's wrath. Maybe my daring deeds would finally ring a bell & he would be reminded of how rebellious he himself was not too long ago. Maybe in me he would find a reflection of himself back in time. Maybe he would have a change of heart and approve of our courtship. Maybe he would be so enamored by my towering personality that he would gift me with a villa in Beverly Hills. Maybe I would finally marry the lady who had brought me all this good luck!
But why would Bangalore's biodegradable citizens let me have all of this? If they had a heart, wouldn't they drive vehicles that were less noisy?
Damn you, Bangaloreans!


Sebastian said…
put it on shake shake (vibrator) mode
Deepanjan said…
My mobile pouch insulates the vibrations.
Vivek said…
Man! You're losing it ... big time!
Anonymous said…, have you been watching too many Hindi films from the 80's? Wake up from the reverie...dearie.

And try to make more of such readable entries to your blog.
Anonymous said…
Have u bought a data cable? If yes, what's the price? and yes, where is her photo?
Anonymous said…
BTW, what is your gmail id?
Sebastian said…
May be her father will do what the municipal corporation does to dogs to prevent them from breeding.
Deepanjan said…
2 Sabu: I would indeed run the risk. That's why I would elope to Europe.
Deepanjan said…
To Rob: I never had it! Really. I'm going deaf (like Beethoven) due to the traffic noise. I thought of venting my anger. The literary manifestation wasn't to my taste either.
Deepanjan said…
2 Sam: So I'm finally getting a favourable review from u! I feel ecstatic! But really, I wouldn't like to pen such cheap literature. It reflects a severe poverty of imagination.
Deepanjan said…
2 Sittu: I transferred the image files via Bluetooth to a colleague's mobile. He transferred them to his laptop, copied them to a CD and gave it to me. I did the needful to upload the images to my blog.
All this happened before I clicked the lass! So u won't find her snap here. Wait 4 some time. The auspicious day is coming!
Anonymous said…
I just meant that this posting was much more readable than the other rubbish postings like explaining the tech specs of your mob or your CD player or those wherein you are bawling over how tough SAP is or how the Hutch guys are tormenting you. If not this than you keep boring us with the usual humdrum of your life.

Literature or not I enjoyed reading it as I found it to be comical.
Anonymous said…
What is your gmail id?
Deepanjan said…
firstname dot lastname at gmail dot com

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