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Google Desktop Search has finished indexing my workstation & I'm pretty satisfied with the prima facie results. The interface is especially endearing. I firmly believe Google has the power to redirect computer users to the Linux platform by building products for it. This would easily fit into its vision and ambitions. Linux is in desperate need of a benevolent evangalist capable of not overwhelming computer users with tech talk. I think it's great that corporates like IBM & Sun are pushing Linux in a big way, but their high flying disposition can hardly persuade users to try the Open Source platform.
IE acts cranky on my machine & I've once again had to download the very reliable Firefox 1.5 (Beta). Works flawlessly. I've lost count of the number of times Firefox has come to my rescue.
The fan in my PC seems to be turbo charged. It's more noisy than the exhause of a steam engine! Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata (played via Yahoo! Music) sounds like some helpless bird caught in the midst of a hurricane!


Anonymous said…
How is Firefox better than IE?
Vivek said…
Uh, oh! Sam, you just waved the red flag in front of the bull. Get ready for a sky high appraisal of Open Source.
Deepanjan said…
Hey, I never go gaga over technology. I just espouse Open Source.
Deepanjan said…
Sameera, here's your answer:
Anonymous said…
the firefox vs ie showdown at the given link can at best be termed as idiotic. the fact remains that with already cluttered web pages, the end user need something simple to use with a clean view and and and which starts just like that when clicked on its icon. IE is definately better in these departments. As far as security is concerned, are u sure you care so much about that, well I dont. My office PC has enough protection in the form of regular updates and IE does comes with an inbuilt POPUP Blocker. To enable it, just go to IE properties, and on Privacy Tab, select the check box, "Block pop-ups".It works. I have used both FireFox and IE, and my personal favourite is IE.
Deepanjan said…
IE's biggest score over Firefox is that it belongs to the Windows stable. Most of IE is loaded when the computer boots and that's exactly why IE takes little time to 'load'. Firefox, however, treats all Operating Systems abstractly and consequently, uniformly. It comes with its own bag-&-baggage, which causes it to be sluggish while loading for the first time.
Firefox has many advantages over IE, though they may not seem so to the untrained eye. Caching happens to be a case in point and even Google has clearly acknowledged this. Google News has been specially tweaked to take advantage of it.
Anonymous said…
Okay, now exactly what have you seen in firefox, that my untrained eyes has missed. And please, dont talk about tabbed browsing, plugins, popups, etc coz we all know, its all sh*t. download manager??? well,I tried downloading NASA worldview with FireFox 1.5 Beta and despite my repeated(3 to be precise) attempts it "managed" to download on a max of 75%, resulting in corrupt exe file.Whats the use if it cant prevent premature termination of downloads?
Deepanjan said…
The 'untrained eye' wasn't a dig at you! For all the 'feathers on its cap', Firefox is still a newbie and IE is still the browser of choice. The greatest fault of Firefox is that most pages were built with IE in mind. Its proprietary extensions have tied in too many web-page developers and they won't be too eager to switch to industry 'standards'.
About the NASA thing, well, the fault may be with NASA's ftp servers. Believe me, once you get the hang of it, Firefox is a darling!
Vivek said…
He he he .... told y'all, didn't I?
Anonymous said…
Beta Deepu, Tera Rozi Roti OPEN SOURCE se nahi chal sakta hai.tere ko ultimately Microsoft Based Technology ke liye hi kaam karna padega unless u get J2EE domain or IBM or SAP(which u dislike).

After all ours a software services based industry n we're coolies; coding coolies. hai ki nahi.
Deepanjan said…
Sad, but true. Indians are a bag of wind. For all their big talk about their IT prowess, they are just smalltime software coolies.

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