Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Miles Davis...the miles he went

Today's featured article on Wikipedia is Miles Davis. I'm reminded of a cassette of his that Dad had bought long ago. My enthusiasm for Jazz was in its infancy in those days. Apart from the weekly supply of Jazz from our giant radio, we had no other major source. I just loved the first composition that included a certain saxophone passage that was especially pleasing. Dad & I would never tire of rewinding to hear that particular passage. Of course, some other compositions were equally enchanting, especially the slow numbers.
Miles was hated by many for trying to experiment too much with Jazz. What he produced in his overenthusiasm was often too funky and not Jazz at all, some might say. Indeed, I found some of his later compositions absolutely revolting. Miles felt the pinch of his detractors and never really forgave them.
Nevertheless, no one can deny the lasting impression he left on Jazz. Miles was a legend by the time he breathed his last in 1991. So famous was he that even the ultra conservative Doordarshan reported it! I remember being immensely saddened by it.


rmacapobre said...

i like ella fitzgerald and billie holiday. miles davis is truly good but i like hearing the voice of a soulful woman more ..

Deepanjan said...

Yes, the soprano voice of a woman sounds very appealing in Jazz. A man's voice (with the exception of Louis Armstrong) is hardly apt.