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The following is an autoresponder I had composed a long time back. I received some funny replies! Deepanjan is my name Widespread is my fame Dear biodegradable creature, How dare you have the cheek to send me a mail!Have you even the ghost of an idea how hideous is your crime?Hoping(but not expecting),that your offence was committed under a spell of evanescent irrationality, you are hereby permitted to continue feasting your eyes on this epistolary masterpiece. You must obviously be aware that I belong to a higher sphere,and consequently dislike interacting with mere mortals like you. However,since I have been endowed with great magnanimity,I'll definitely condescend you by reading your frivolous mail within a month. However,a response will be sent only if you are worth your existance. Since a personal reply is indicative of your worthiness,please feel free to consider yourself worthless and useless if you do not rece
I am viewing the new Blogger look for the very first time. Prima facie, it doesn't look impressive!