Friday, August 29, 2003

What a load of crap this blog is turning out to be! Life has degenerated to such an abominable level that I have nothing interesting to post. Even trees have a more active lifestyle!
Here's a wild prediction.
Piggybacked on nanotechnology, cryonics will be successful.
I had posted the following hoax mail to the mailing list of my school batchmates.

Yo Imbeciles!
With everyone jumping into the matrimonial bandwagon, why should I be left behind?
I recently got married clandestinely in a secluded temple in Varanasi, as parental consent was not forthcoming because of out diverse pedigrees. I hope you folks will forgive me for not extendind a formal invitation. I am attaching a photo of my wife.


Needless to say, most of my friends took the bait!
Of course, I had to let them off the hook. The attached photo of Pamela Anderson did just that!

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Gopal pishai loses the battle of life to cancer. I feel sorry for Mampu.
Bought the Indian tricolour after many years!
I got didi's rakhi and letter. Dad's high BP got me worried and only a phone call could pacify me.

Monday, August 11, 2003

Life sucks! I've lost my afflatus in this abysmal city. I need something to pep me up.

Saturday, August 09, 2003

Music is the aural transcription of nature. As I listen to Beethoven, my mind is hurled through space & time. I float through tranquil oceans and pastoral landscapes. Mozart encapsulates life in its entirety. Tchaikovsky reminds me of the sweet moments I had spent with my love. Debussy helps me rediscover solitude and embellishes my mind with benign thoughts.
Indeed, music is one of nature's most creative forces. Mathematicians have discovered some intriguing facets about it. I had read somewhere that there is an uncanny correlation between the notes that a pianist may play on his keyboard and the corresponding logarithms of their frequencies! Of course, this happens only when melody and not dissonance is created.
Here's yet another interpretation.
Whenever our brain interprets an audio frequency, it immediately expects a follow-up by one of certain frequencies. Once this expectation is met, it once again expects another frequency. This is an iterative process, giving rise to a chain of expectations and their fulfillments. This is what constitutes melody( or music).
However, when this sequence of expectations is not met and the brain goes haywire regarding what to expect( eg: as a result of a completely random sequence of frequencies), dissonance( or noise) is created.
I guess this partly explains why different people have different musical inclinations. After years of listening to a certain kind of music( which inherently has a specific pattern or style), the brain gets conditioned to expect that type of pattern everytime music emanates. Consequently, I may prefer Beethoven to Bollywood, yet someone of lower intellect may only have it the other way round!
Could things be more dismal? I used to be lean and mean in Pune. In Ranchi, I've put on weight, and have been bamboozled on a few occasions.
Pretty babes frequented every part of the city (Pune). I even enjoyed the camaraderie of many of them. In Ranchi, the girls are ultra-ugly. They have diminished my interests in the opposite sex to sub-zero levels!
Things change...only for the worse.
Surely, the Carpe Diem philosophy of Horace is the only way of living a happy and meaningful life.
Religion is one of man's most insidious inventions.It comes up with a ready set of postulates that we are all supposed to blindly follow. Religion paralyzes some of our most important attributes: thinking independently, questioning and inferring logically. How can the modern man remain so mum about this fallacious institution? For once, let us be iconoclasts. Let faith be the exclusive domain of every man who invents it. Let is be personalized and customized by our concience.

Friday, August 08, 2003

I'll recall an incident that happened a long time ago, when I was just a kid. There is nothing special about the incident; yet, it has left an indelible imprint on my mind.
It was an evening just like any other, except that the monsoon clouds were gathering in full force and threatening to spoil it, which I intended to spend with my playmates. The prospects to that effect looked rather grim as the clouds enveloped the entire skyin an infinite canopy of myriad gray shades. Occasionally, the golden sunrays would manage to puncture through the thick covering and travel hurriedly over the landscape before being shrouded.
As the clouds descended upon us and threatened to condemn us to eternal darkness, I gave up all hopes of playing with my friends. Instead, I invented imaginary creatures with the morphing clouds and contrived stories of war waging between them.
My mother and sister had gone out and I was alone with my dad, who had apparently resigned to fate, as there seemed little prospect of his going to the market. He sat next to me as I peeped out of the window, dabbling with the heavenly figments.
Soon, the precursory minor storm, so typical of Jamshedpur ensued. The trees swayed in joy as the rustling leaves joined in to sing the evening serenade. The towering Eucalyptus trees were the most pepped up, as they danced in their own extravagant sways in slow tempo. Thunder and lightening were the ultimate harbingers to our first monsoon rain. I was actually beginning to enjoy myself and getting involved to witness the marvelous show of nature.
The rain was sudden and hit against the ground ruthlessly. With it came the nostalgic smell of wet soil! My dad and I were totally captivated by the sheer splendor of the first monsoon rain. There was a slight concavity on the ground in front of our house and rainwater was beginning to collect there. All of a sudden, I had this craving to go out into the rain and soak myself. I asked my dad for his approval, little expecting an affirmative reply. To my utter surprise, he permitted without a moment's hesitation; and my heart knew no bounds as I leaped out of the bed and ran through the door into the rain.
It was rapturous! I stalled myself in the middle of the depression and jumped into the air with screams of joy. The muddy water splashed with each of my landings, adding to my excitement. As I jumped with gay abandon, I was transported into a world of sheer joy and euphoria. For those splendid yet ephemeral moments, I was the happiest soul in the world, with nothing to worry or fear. My unison with nature was bewitching and my delightful screams reached a crescendo. To this day, I can vividly recall my dad's smiling countenance. Perhaps, I had inadvertently led him into his own childhood, when he too had done something similar.
Elsewhere on the ground, rainwater was gathering and marching in tiny makeshift tributaries into the drains which too seemed to have joined in nature's symphony by lending its own baritone roar. All that was green now looked greenerafter the much needed bath. As I was unwilling to relent, my dad had to drag me in, where I took a bath for fear of catching a cold. I don't remember much of what happened next because I was too dazed by the magic!
Years have gone by, but nature never forgets to enact that spectacular show. Ironically though, my erudition accrued over the years has never helped me rediscover that utter sense of exultation. I have grown more conscious of myself and the people around me. Paradoxically, as we acquire more knowledge, we tend to forget the greatest endowment of all: innocence. Yet, whenever I see an approaching monsoon rain, I get this insatiable desire to break all the rules and listen to a subdued call of my heart, the call that propelled me to a world I will perhaps never rediscover!
Robert and his band of mentally warped nutheads have cast their sinister sights on my beloved blog. The following posting is directed exclusively @ them:

If you see me coming, better step aside;
A lot of men didn't, a lot of men died.