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Windows 8 on Andromeda!

The old lady has just won a new lease of life, thanks to an application that corrupted the .NET runtime on my Windows 7 system. I’m not fond of the new OS. Microsoft has tried too hard to merge disparate concepts into a single platform. As a first attempt, Windows 8 is commendable, but I suspect most Windows users won’t take too kindly to the forced hybridization. Windows 8 is ill suited for a desktop OS. Banishing the Start button didn’t help things either. The forceful fallback to the tablet interface is a serious annoyance. Yet, I’m happy Andromeda, seemingly on her deathbed, has sprung back into life.

My little doll

Co-inventor of RSS commits suicide at the age of 26

Aaron Swartz was just 14 when he co-invented RSS.