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Showing posts from April, 2003
We had our viva today.Summoned @ 9AM, we were finally grilled @ 4PM! It proved to be an anticlimax as the questions were too easy. Apparently, I was a bit vociferous! Classes ended today and our end semester exam is scheduled to begin on the 7th and end on the 16th of May, interspersed with a lot of off-days. SAD quiz was held yesterday, and I dabbled with the idea of appearing for it, finally settling against it. I was immediately hit by a feeling of guilt and I somehow extenuated it with some valid reasons.
Called on mom and Shrirang bhaiya, yesterday. It was nice to learn that Buada has got a promotion. Uncle and Aunty were having diner and so couldn't converse with me.
Classes are becoming bohemian as the semester-end nears. This was our penultimate week of classes. I plan to bunk most, if not all the classes next week.
Dabbled with Blogger and Livejournal for a long time! Just can't get the hang of HTML by simply playing the fool. Yestarday was Ramnavomi. Another exhibition of our antiquated beliefs and customs. Will our nation ever see the light of civilization? I doubt!
I was not impressed with what Livejournal had to offer. It failed to live up to the hype Digit has created. Anyway, it is a nice site. No match for blagger, though! Perhaps that's why Google chose Blogger! I have to see the features of Livejournal to give a final verdict, though!
One of my glasses is missing! I came to know of this anomaly only this morning. My glasses were out of focus and my frame was old too, so I would have to change them anyway!
Kaushik has bought a car! His meteoric rise from the depths of despair is the stuff ludicrous Bollywood scripts are made of.
As an Indian, I have had a chronic admiration for America. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity are its hallmarks, Humanity its religion and Altruism its doctrine. To me, USA has been a manifestation of near-perfection. Yet today, it is engripped by a neo-Hitlerism promulgated by a man who is at its helm. So vain is he that he cannot see how deleterious his present exploits will be on generations of Americans. So stupid is he that nothing can bring him back to his senses, not even protests from all over the world. So intoxicated is he that he can't see how miserable a condition the innocent people of Iraq are living thru. So contemptuous is he that he cannot hear the will of the rest od the world voiced thru the UN. So pathetic is he that he can't even realise how incredible his make-believe speeches on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction sound, when the UN inspectors unearth ample facts that prove the contrary. The US and its little sycophant(UK) seem to subscribe to an