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Aloha, Huawei Blaze!

Asha is now the proud owner of a Huawei Blaze. It’s a rock solid Android 2.3. Linux forks are invading us like crazy. First it was our Kindle. Now this. Hail Open Source!

Miles Davis

My favorite jazz musician. The definitive star.

Willis Conover, legendary jazz broadcaster for the Voice of America

Jazz in India (an article from the NYTimes)

India Ink: Hot Jazz and the Cold War in 1950s Mumbai My comment: Fascinating stuff! When talking about how the Americans tried to influence the world with Jazz, one cannot afford to miss the legendary Willis Conover. People in many parts of the world knew Jazz only because of him. Indeed he was the greatest Jazz arsenal America ever had. American hegemony owes a lot to this man. This article brings back fond memories of growing up listening to Jazz Hour on the Voice of America. The radio had a hold on us like nothing else. The experience has yet to be rivalled.

Feel the quiver?

Google Reader sparks despair

My initial enthusiasm at Google Reader has given way to despair. Though I was agog at the aging Reader getting a much needed facelift, the end-product leaves much to be desired. The Internet is abound with people complaining about the horrible new interface…and I can see the point. It’s all white, white and more white, in keeping with the color theme of Google Plus. While a uniform interface does lend cosmetic coherency, it’s not necessarily a good thing for individual products. Not everything needs to be painted in the same color. Not only is the interface a misfit, Google Engineers seems to have done a buggy job with tag management as well.