Thursday, November 03, 2011

Jazz in India (an article from the NYTimes)

India Ink: Hot Jazz and the Cold War in 1950s Mumbai

My comment:

Fascinating stuff! When talking about how the Americans tried to influence the world with Jazz, one cannot afford to miss the legendary Willis Conover. People in many parts of the world knew Jazz only because of him. Indeed he was the greatest Jazz arsenal America ever had. American hegemony owes a lot to this man.
This article brings back fond memories of growing up listening to Jazz Hour on the Voice of America. The radio had a hold on us like nothing else. The experience has yet to be rivalled.


Anonymous said...

Stumbled upon your You Tube page searching for Willis Conover on Google. Like you and probably many other in India,introduction to jazz was through listening to VOA.Had the great pleasure of listening to him live at the Jazz Yatra at Rang Bhavan Bombay when he was the MC for the entire Yatra. Great experience!Thanks to the internet now we in India are spoiled for choice!

Deepanjan said...

Exactly. Nice to know that people in India still remember Conover!