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1. My avant-garde views will fry tempers and crush egos of people with archaic mindsets if I continue with my overt postings. 2. I've made no bones about my real identity, thus necessitating mild self-censorship, something that has ruined the efficacy of my entries. 3. Living under the constant glare of public scrutiny is not particularly entertaining. It's like bathing is a transparent bathroom! 4. My write-ups tend to be a wee bit sardonic. It could breed bad blood amongst my acquaintances. Consequently, future postings will be made anonymously in a new blog. I may use my discretion in the distant future to transfer some of the more innocuous posts into these pages. Adios!
The bad thing about good things is that they are so transient. They leave behind in their wake fond memories that painfully linger. How helpless we are before the tyranny of time!


My table-clock exists in a sexist regime. As soon as its batteries begin to run out, its normally feminine-voiced hourly chime changes into an intimidating baritone!

A most heinous crime!

I've stooped to the level of the masses & bought the November issue of Filmfare , a magazine most apt for the zillion empty cans who populate our country. Actually, the hidden agenda was to procure the text-marker that was bundled free with the copy. I guess that extenuates my case a bit, though I'm still guilty of patronizing tabloid stuff!