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Santosh doesn't get his priorities straight

It has been a few weeks since I shifted with Santosh to our current place of stay. I expected him to be a very provident guy who would use his time & money wisely, especially since he is still unemployed. Contrary to my beliefs, Santosh seems to have taken a special liking for the outdoors here. He is rarely in the house, seldom studies and lacks any motivation for making inroads into the IT industry. Last week, he came home drunk. My stern countenance got the message across!

What's doubly irritating is that he often takes the key (instead of leaving it with Manilal & gang) and still returns late, knowing full well that I would be stranded outside. I've lost count of the number of times he has done it. To make matters worse, I can't find any hint of remorse when he comes back, even thought his act has just left me stranded outside my room for more than 3 hrs at a stretch.

He has taken a fancy for something, that I'm certain of. But what is it? When quizzed, he refuses to delve and the enigma thickens! I just hope he doesn't lose sight of what he has come here to accomplish. Let's hope it isn't too late before he comes to his senses.


Anonymous said…
DRUNK???? D..D..Did you say Santosh drank?? What are we going to have next, pigs flying around or you embracing Internet Explorer?
Deepanjan said…
Hey, I embraced IE 7 years ago and my grip today is as tight as ever.
Only Organic Evolution or Nanotechnology can make pigs fly. How long will it take? Your guess is as good as mine!
Santosh, however, is a drunk & happy fellow!
Sebastian said…
Locks always had 2 keys and from the time of the dot com and software boom locks started coming with at least 3 keys.
Why does your lock have only one key?
Deepanjan said…
It's a legacy lock, the type built right into the door! It may have had multiple keys during its teen years, but only 1 exists now.
Vivek said…
This is what happens when you live a life of abstinence for too long. I think he had it coming.

And for God's sake stop being the miser you are & get a duplicate key made. We faced a similar situation & got duplicates for each of the 3 of us within a week. By the way, we too have the same kind of lock that you have.
Deepanjan said…
Santosh was entrusted with the issue of getting a duplicate key made. But he procrastinates each time for one reason or another. I gave him Rs100 this morning to get the job done ASAP.
Anonymous said…
WOW??? You don't need a 100 bucks for getting a key made. You have just given him his today's quota of alcohol.
Deepanjan said…
Santosh has got the job done. What's more, he came home early & wasn't drunk!

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