Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Imbecile BITians

Who should be held responsible for the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi? I'm sure most of the overeducated members of our BIT group would say William Shakespeare! Why? Because he coined the term 'assassination.'

I've consciously tried to avoid alluding to our group in my blog because the lowly activities that burden it hardly merit a mention. The said group is inundated with people less worthy than a sack of potatoes. However, the recent spate of events has compelled me to break my silence.

One of the brighter members of our group (who obviously is of the perverted type) has been having a whale of a time sending spurious mails of the utmost dispeakable type through the ids of innocent members. While this had happened in the past, the full-time job that he seems to be doing at it has set alarm bells ringing.

Some bright sparks seem to be so overtly concerned about the names of others being maligned that they have suggested the group be closed for good. However, they don't have the heart to voluntarily unsubscribe themselves! Typical hypocrisy we Indians are so famous for!

Well, I'm not in favor of the will of a few being forcefully shoved down the throat of other members. People volunteer to join the group...& they have the right to leave it if they so desire. No compulsions imposed. If people use their discretion to create the group, they must once again use their own sweet will to obliterate it. It's really upto the members to decide the fate of our group. The moderators are only instruments to that facilitation & nothing more.

I'm pained to see the affected people play into the hands of the culprit by jumping to conclusions without an iota of proof. Suspicion alone is enough to merit conviction, it seems. People who could have been the best of friends are left on opposite sides of an ever-widening rift, thanks to paranoia reigning supreme! They are taking sides based on whims & fancies, not intelligent judgment. Most folks lack an independence of thought. They ride either on a wave of hysteria or on the brainwaves of the select few who have the capacity to think. But while friendship is a great asset, should it be allowed to corrupt our minds when being judgmental?

I'm pained to see the schemes of the perpetrator(s) working with such flawless precision. I'm pained to see them shed such poor light on their own mindsets. I'm pained because others have not risen to the occasion to defeat their designs.

I've also been time & again subject to tuitions on the virtues of democracy & freedom of speech. Point taken. However, democracy would work fine only in a civilized society & not on a pack of hounds! We moderators have time & again given in to public outcry whenever posts were moderated. But what lesson did we learn each time? Keeping the hounds on a tight leash is probably the only solution!

I've been so overwhelmed by messages from far & wide that I've had to shut off my phone to buy me some peace of mind after Friday's harrowing experience. I'm really not bothered about the course our group takes. Let Nature decide on a fitting treatment.


Vivek said...

With reference to "However, democracy would work fine only in a civilized society & not on a pack of hounds!", I think you are making the mistake of painting everybody with the same brush. The majority of group members would not find the recent happenings amusing.

Anonymous said...

What happened was indeed unfortunate and sadly, there is no way we can avoid its recurrance. But what pains most is the way some people are working overnight to gain personal mileage from the whole incident by settling scores which has nothing to do with this incident. They shud realize that things will not be taken lying down and stay within their limits instead of exploiting the incident to fulfil their pervertness

Deepanjan said...

2 Rob: I'm not painting everybody with the same brush. However, the innocent must be protected from the bites of rabid dogs or hounds. If we could all be self-governing idealists, problems would have never arisen. My sympathies are with those who have been affected.

Deepanjan said...

2 Sittu: I couldn't agree more. Believe me, I've experienced such bilious moments before. It's like being stabbed a million times all at once. The human mind is hopelessly overimaginative & its figments can be outrightly revolting. It's one of life's myriad occupational hazards. What can't be cured must be endured.