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Gurdas in Nainital circa 2k.
One of the naughtiest of my batchmates in Gulmohar School, this fellow has made it big in life. He was a baby-faced guy back in school, but now he has turned into a turbanated and bearded fellow. This image is a shocker of sorts for me!


Anonymous said…
Deepanjan has dug himself deep into my mind (which is essentially just empty space).

To be honest, I carry very faint memories of him but it looks like our relationship is now headed for a long innings. Good for both of us .... only an idiot can enjoy another ;-)

Also, I must bring your attention to the sentence "this fellow has made it big in life". Boring knowledge of English says "it" means life. However, the "it" here is open to many a naughty idea. The one that charms me most is the one hot females would agree is worth making big.

Fully implementing the American strategy to "shock and awe".

The Turbanator,

note: If you liked reading what I wrote, you may also enjoy jumping into a larger shitpot at

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