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The 100th post of 2010

The number of posts has been on the decline steadily over the past few years. Things have now come to such a pass that I’m really stretching myself for the 100th post of the year.

I have been eagerly following people’s comments on India’s recently failed GSLV launch on CNN, Slashdot and Yahoo! News. I’m appalled at all the bilious posts and took the liberty of lashing out at some of them. I’m a tad ashamed at my cheap-talk but I’ll excuse myself this time.

great light show.
for the good really.
possibly the only thing standing in the way of world nuclear
annihilation, and not, these days, is the fact that these third
world nuclear powers can't build rockets much better than
i can get out of a hobby kit..

An American hobby kit that helps ppl build rockets is very much possible...only that this 'kit' must be nothing more than a video game for the XBox. And the way the American economy is tanking, it's only but natural that these retards will prefer the delusional world of video games to reality.
Dream on with your kit!


indians are funny , even their atomic bomb was made by a non-indian
I don'tknow how people live in india , they really need to do something about cutting down on the population
it's better for brown indians to enjoy their cowpat!

I wonder how the Americans would have built the A-bomb without the contribution of a non-American named Einstein.
And from where did you learn that the Indian atomic bomb was made by a non-Indian? What's the name of this 'non-Indian?' It's a pity that even in the age of the Internet, some of you ignorant American fools have no idea what's happening in the world. I hope my American plumber isn't as foolish as you!


Jessie Geronimo:
It looks like India needs to outsource their Aerospace to the U.S.

No. But we definitely need to outsource dumb jokes to the US.


Running John:
I guess curry gets unstable at high tempertures.

I'm sure your brain is unstable at all temperatures!


Can't India wait until New Year's Eve for a spectacular fireworks? Should be in the Guinness Book of records as the most expensive fireworks!

Most expensive fireworks...coming from India? Are you Americans so impoverished now? I pity you! Maybe I should order more pizzas tonight so that you folks don't sink any further.


Yanks Fan:
My science class got more rockets in the air than india. and that was 35 years ago.

Cool! Did your science class teach you about the absence of air in space?
And if getting rockets only in air is the target, you should visit India during the festival of lights, Diwali. India sends more 'rockets' in air than obese Americans have collectively farted in 35 years.
And I am sure your science class developed cryogenic technology more than 35 years ago as well...and kept it stored in household refrigerators.


These INDIANS are cheaters in getting new technologies by hook and crook. They cheat all kind of western technology with a brand on it that says that it is made in India. They are hypocrites and don't trust them

Indians never cheated in procuring technology. We learn it the hard way, from the ground up. We are not a rogue nation like Pakistan, Iran or North Korea.
And I don't know how many of you commentators are actually into science/technology. Your technical prowess must be limited to making pizzas! Good for you!


gurdas said…
And some of them might have missed these:

I'd rather not waste my time posting replies to morons, though.

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