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Resolutions 2007

Been There, Done That.

Yes, I know the feeling. New Year Resolutions are generally nothing more than passing fads that vaporize into oblivion in no time. Yet, I need mine since I need something to work at.

  • Space Aplenty. I must turn my attention to the skies and renew my interest in amateur astronomy. It'll be a nice and productive way of breaking the monotony of life. I'll probably buy a refracting telescope or a pair of powerful binoculars. Astrophotography must wait though. That'll happen only when I buy a reflecting telescope, equatorial mount, digital SLR, et al.
  • Reduce Weight. Though I'm not exactly overweight, I would like to shed some extra kilos and get rid of the flab. I've now joined the millions of people the world over involved in the race. Sad but true.
  • Blogging...Must Do Less Of It. Reading...Must Do More Of It. There are few people in the world who have achieved the dubious inequality of writing more than reading and I'm one of these select few. This has got to change. I'll turn my attention to books and spend less time on the Net. I guess this resolution will be rendered redundant in time since Santosh will probably shift to a new dwelling pretty soon. Without his computer, there'll hardly be much scope for me to continue blogging as voraciously as I've been doing in 2006. Kinda sad!
  • Cooking...Must Learn Some. I can survive my cooking, but only for a few days. What happens after that? I can't revert to the messy food of the mess. Again, with Santosh slated to leave soon, learning to cook will be a necessity and not a choice.
  • Procrastination...Must Stop. This is the bane of my existence. Anything that can be done tomorrow is simply not to be done today. That's been my motto for so long. But it has got to come to an
  • French...Gotta Learn Some. Thanks to the above mentioned bane, I've yet to start with my French classes.
  • Washing Clothes...Shake Off The Lethargy. Blame it yet again on procrastination, I've been terrible at taking proper care of my clothes!
  • Expense Management...Must Be Regular. After diligently updating my expense manager for some months, there was a lapse that I never recovered from. Blame my Kolkata vacation for it. Starting now, I'll be religiously updating my expenses without fail.
  • Editorials...Must Get Hard Copies. Though I've been meaning to for long, I seldom remembered to get the hard copies of news editorials.
  • Weekends...Spend More Meaningfully. I don't know how but something must be done about the way I waste my weekends. I should spend them more productively.


Anonymous said…
you've got an impressive list laid out here! one of my resolutions is to buy a house by the end of dec '07.
Deepanjan said…
Wow! I don't think I'll ever earn enough to buy a house. Maybe I could rob a bank!

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