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Frolic & Pandemonium

RR, who had trusted only me in our team with his engagement snap, finally let the whole team in on it. He brought his snaps in a CD and the whole team swooped in on Swapna's laptop for the prized snaps. The poor fellow looked like a criminal who had just been sentenced to the gallows!! How terrified he looked beside his smiling fiancee!

All settled down and we finally got on with some work after the haggling was over. RR, our guy of the day, had become increasingly conscious of his cumulating pounds and decided to junk junk food once and for all. After all, he was getting married soon! So he didn't buy the usual Kurkure from the cafeteria even though I begged him not be so austere in his resolution to shed weight. Ha, the evil me had a plan. For the first time ever, I bought Kurkure and offered it to him! These were testing times for him, especially since he sat right next to me.

But out lad showed great abstinence even in the face of such adversary. I munched through my junk food, reminding him of great it tasted. He was tempted, but wouldn't budge. I was noisy as I ate, he wouldn't budge. I made him smell the great stuff, he wouldn't budge. The poor fellow had suffered enough by now and was obviously feeling famished and alienated. In desperation, he ordered some oranges and survived on them while I exhausted my stuff. PS made her entry after some time and enticed RR with sugar-coated biscuits. RR escaped, only to be pursued by her with the irresistible biscuits!

Now it was time for some introspection. Some of us who were hooting at him decided to join the impromptu diet. After all, the scale was tipping towards the not-so-flattering region for many of us. So we formed a pact to suffer in unison and shed some weight. After all, RR's restraint was awe-inspiring and put us onlookers to shame! So we are now a team of 5-6 people who have resolved to grow leaner and meaner in the days ahead. World, look out for us band of starving brothers!

Chaos reigned supreme at work. We had been pending something for more than half-a-year and now all the backlog was supposed to be cleared in a day's time. Mission impossible. Most of us had lost track of the work we had done, someone didn't even have an account to get on with clearing the backlog, December's record had vanished into thin air and the data in our dashboard was in utter disarray. There was no way we could have done a clinical job of punching all the right keys for 8 hrs a day. But it was fun watching people being stumped by the lack of data integrity. The ad-hoc solutions they came up with was even funnier.


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