Monday, January 29, 2007

A blur of thoughts

Never has there been as prolonged a posting lull has there has been in the past few days. Never has blogging seemed as daunting a task as it seems today. Never have I been as disinterested in posting the daily ins and outs as I am today. In short, I'm going through blogging crisis of sorts!

I look in dismay as I look at blogs I'm familiar with and see how appallingly some of them have degenerated into random nothings. Well, they're probably better than absolute void, but only just! But now as I stroll across my own recollections, I suddenly realize it's awfully difficult to go on full steam like I have for the last year and a half. I mean, personal blogs have to be self restrained and yet nourishing. Sort of a tug-of-war between warring factions of the human faculty that's bound to make you walk the tightrope.

So how did my blogs happen? At home! Thanks to Santosh, his workhorse of a PC and our humble Internet connection, I would spend evenings at home often mulling over the proceedings of the day before organizing them into chronologically ordered posts. What good came of it? I became a slightly better observer. I became more thoughtful as I was compelled to redo my thoughts. Often, the perspectives thrown were surprisingly different from the original.

What about the personal rants that I have against the whole exercise? It robbed me of time I could have otherwise spent differently. I almost completely gave up on reading, I gave up on socializing with my friends, I failed to get a moment's rest after work, I failed to offer Santosh a helping hand at home, I failed to look at the stars,...the list is pretty long.

One of my resolutions for 2007 was to do less of blogging and more of reading, something that I have only partially been successful in achieving so far. There was no improving on the reading front but I did manage to cut down somewhat on blogging. Without me realizing it, blogging had become an insidious addiction and pulling myself away from it only accentuated the crisis.

Santosh's tentative date of departure from our abode has come and gone. He'll leave any day now and with him I must bid adieu to his computer, en masse music downloading, news reading, surfing in general and...blogging!

So does this herald the end of my blog? Yeah, in your dreams! Blogging will continue but not with its former frequency. I hope to put in more meaningful and substantial posts from now on. Many of the looooonger posts that I've been putting off all this while will now gradually surface. The trivialities that had inadvertently become the mainstay of a majority of my posts must go, and that's a good thing.

The new world order is here to stay...till the end of 2007. If I'm happy with the change, the succeeding years will see a prolonging of at least one of my resolutions for 2007. If not, year 2008 will usher a return to my original blogging style. And this time, it'll be through my own computer!


Anonymous said...

did u see the 2 comments on "Manilal is back.."


Deepanjan said...

But I have to pay, right?

Anonymous said...

Don't you get paid for the services you provide to your employer?

Ofcourse you have to pay.


Deepanjan said...

I want a free lunch!

Anonymous said...

only cheap characters would look forward to a free lunch