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First work day of 2007

What a way to start the year! I got news of a major transition, something that I was begging for for almost 4 months now! The rest of the day was mostly spent in doing precious little even as my colleagues returned to the daily grind. Swapna took short breaks from work to worship her newly procured mp3 player from Creative.

Kaushik called but we couldn't speak much as the signal was poor. He's back in Pune and was stunned to see the huge semi-commercial complex where Nayantara once stood. Well, this was no news to me. I'm sure he'll miss the palatial bungalow (or at least its facade) as much as I already do. Pragmatic concerns played evil here. It's sad when the old have to make way for the new.

The return trip must have been a revelation for my next-seater, a good friend who is yet to learn a thing or two about me. I must have baffled him! Are my values really all that offbeat? Are my beliefs really all that weird?

Returned home to find the tubelight gone bust.


Anonymous said…
you mean First Work Day of 2007?
Dude it's a new year now..ab to galtiyan karna band karo!
Deepanjan said…
Corrected...with a little help from my friend!
Anonymous said…
I heeded your advice my friend.
Deepanjan said…
Just what I had been hoping for!
Anonymous said…


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