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All in a day's work

Swapna had been cribbing for her photos that I had shot previously through my camera phone. The pleas increased ever since she got her Creative mp3 player that also supports images and I finally decided to take pity and let her have the coveted snaps.

Dev, a colleague whose days of bachelorhood recently ran out, is now all set to rejoin the workforce. Now destined to be double hammered by work and wife, Dev deserves something from us. We decided to pool some funds to offer our heartfelt condolences on account of the indelible loss of life as he knew it. As the funds were pouring in, a flurry of emails suggesting candidate gifts shuttled between members of our team. Amidst this storm, I meekly forwarded my pragmatic suggestion: Ear Plugs.

Yeah, it may sound contemptuous of the hallowed institution of marriage...but dig a little deeper and let better sense prevail. I'm sure you'll find wisdom in my words. Arun, the fellow entrusted with collecting the funds, thought otherwise and outrightly rejected my suggestion. Here's another one: entrust only girls to buy the gift. I mean these people can really bargain shamelessly until the hapless vendor gives up in exhaustion and the 'product' is wrestled away from him dirt cheap.

PS & I went to the cafeteria for fruit juice in the evening. I don't know what juice was ordered and we don't know what juice was produced, but a little into our drinks PS grew suspicious of banana. Apparently, she had a strong aversion to bananas...just like my sister. I couldn't make up my mind and she decided not to risk her life sucking any further. Anyway, we had a very meaningful and lively discussion about work and friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the exchange of views.

I hate our new office shuttle. Compared to the cozy interior of the previous shuttle, this one is spartan and very uncomfortable.


Anonymous said…
so what was the ultimate gift??
Deepanjan said…
To be decided either today or over the weekend.

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