Wednesday, January 24, 2007

G Vinod is no more

Lokesh sent a mail that sent a chill down my spine. I was stunned to learn of the sad and untimely demise of G Vinod, one of my pals from school. He passed away on the 19th at 2330 hrs owing to a serious accident he met with in Chennai.

Vinod and I weren't very close, but I do remember him as being an exceptionally well behaved, shy, down-to-earth and hated-by none kinda guy. Academically stellar, Vinod and I were in the same section only during our primary school days after which I never had the privilege of studying with him under the same roof.

It's strange how life drops live bombs on us at moments least expected. May Vinod's near and dear ones find enough strength at this trying moment.

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