Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Infinite Loops

Remember C-A-D (Control-Alternate-Delete)?
The best way to force a C-A-D was through an infinite loop.


FOR I = 1 TO 5

In C:


DOS had no Task Manager and C-A-D would simply trigger a cold boot. Sometimes when even C-A-D was rendered useless, you had to reach out for the black switch at the back of your PC. Windows is a lot more suave. C-A-D simply presses the Task Manager into service and allows you to forcefully terminate the erring program.

Life often throws situations at us that bog us down and there are seemingly no escape from such situations. Guess what, I've been stuck in one such situation for a substantial amount of time now and I'm currently undergoing a shakeup to rid myself of the malady. Treading won't be easy...but I must carry on.

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