Friday, March 17, 2006

A promise kept

The official photographer @ the convocation failed to snap my photo! But that needn't have got me depressed, many others met the same fate. So when grilled, the fellow promised to deliver a CD each to all the unfortunates containing the promised snaps.

The promise has been kept...but only partly. The CD was delivered to me last evening, but it didn't contain my snap. Instead it contained a poor-quality video of the entire ceremony. To make matters worse, the camera was placed so awkwardly, it just caught the backs of the recipients as they received their nominal degrees!

All this boils down to there being no pictorial evidence of me ever having received the degree from the VC.


Anonymous said...

I'm catching onto the pattern now...seems nothing ever gets to you on time! If I were you, I'd be one frustrated person..

Deepanjan said...

Imagine my plight!