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He's drunk

I'm a teetotaller and just can't stand drunks. People who know me well enough are aware of this fact. One of my close friends who came to Bangalore in search of a job (& has so far been unsuccessful, thanks to his lethargy) has fallen into the bad habit of getting drunk very regularly. This, at a stage when he should be voraciously scouring the job market. Each time I quiz him about his sojourns (to the bar...which I don't mention!), he comes up with a ready-made alibi that'll hardly look authentic. At least he's ashamed enough to lie!

It vexes me no end to see people getting perverted by the relative dazzle of Bangalore. Really, are personal integrity and conviction dispensable?


Anonymous said…
Santu Babu ka leg pulling band karo.
Wo bhi aakhir ek insaan hai, usay bhi peenay ka haq hai.
Deepanjan said…
I'll stay mum on the name!
Vivek said…
Somehow, I knew this was coming.
Deepanjan said…
I was hoping against hope.
Anonymous said…
Hey nothing wrong with drunks! True enough that people should take their priorities seriously but comeon if you call somebody your friend accept them as is and don't bash them online!!! I'd be so mad if any one of my friends did this to me... Anyway, tht's only my personal opinion.
Deepanjan said…
There's nothing wrong with drinking per se. But when you correlate it with the situation one is in, the picture changes dramatically. If one is a financial drain on his parents, come to a city to seek a job, doesn't hunt for it...and instead gets a drink everyday, there's a lot I'll crib about.

I do indeed call him my friend...and a very good friend at that. But when he's perverted, I'll be ruthlessly critical of his ways. Anyway, I didn't name him!

But you got a very valid point...a point well taken!

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