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Gender Bender

The actress of yesterday is the actor of today.
Likewise, the poetess has become the poet.
The authoress has become the author.

Now, while I'm all for women's liberation, aren't we carrying things too far? What's so liberal about spilling the gender war on to the literary arena? Ambiguity on paper hardly translates to equality in real life.


Vivek said…
You said it dude. Couldn't agree more.
Deepanjan said…
I just couldn't take the joke anymore and had to speak up...although it meant departing from the norm of writing only about things that directly relate to my personal life.
I guess I have to loosen a bit, I feel to stuffy with my self-imposed restrictions.
Vivek said…
Ya you do that. I'd been maning to write about this for some time but I guess you beat me to it.

What's baffling is the way these feminists defend this move, especially Shabana Azmi. I mean, it's not that we men were the exclusive drafters of the language. Women played their part too.

And how can somebody consider being called an actress demeaning? It's just grammar, for crying out loud.
Deepanjan said…
These so-called feminists are often sans commonsense. I blame them for steering the movement in the wrong direction. They'll cry hoarse for everything that even remotely draws the line between the genders. If such bra-burning fools had things their way, they would light bonfires and burn all their minis and saris...only to don the lungi!

Even Medha Patkar comes with her own stock of ludicrity. And don't even get me started on the over-glorified Arundhati Roy. Once a socialist, always a socialist!
Vivek said…
Now this is a revelation. I thought you too had a socialist outlook. Glad to see that you think a lot like me.

And how about their NOT protesting against tax examptions & seat reservations? I guess feminists are okay with discrimination as long as it suits them.
Deepanjan said…
I'm vehemently against socialists and communists! They are the wisest fools!

And you are right, 'they' suffer from selective amnesia when it comes to addressing the privileges they enjoy!

I just hope we are not mistaken for mysogyanists!
Vivek said…
Far from it. We're talking facts here.
saurabh said…
hail deep & rob!!! spot on.
Deepanjan said…
Sittu, I remember u complaining about the same thing sometime back. Thanks for the reinforcement!

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