Monday, March 20, 2006

Vada Pav

Had a solitary Vada Pav in the office for a staggering Rs.10. Reminded me of simpler times when I would dig into this local delicacy during my Pune days. The cheapest ones would cost Rs.2, while the most expensive ones were worth no more than Rs.3.50 apiece.

I miss those days. Sameera must be enjoying himself in my sacred city. Damn that fellow? Why should he have all the luck?


Anonymous said...

Khao vada-pav bhajiya
Aur bolo, Ganpati Bappa Morya!!!

That is all that they do in your sacred city.

Deepanjan said...

This is preposterous! How dare u!

Anonymous said...

I'm finally convinced to try the vada pav...sure nothing could drive me to look forward to a veg dish in my life ever before!....God,i don't believe this.

Deepanjan said...

It's really not that big a deal in most parts of Maharashtra. It's the commoner's way of consuming something inexpensive and tasty.