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A Mozilla Hack

It's not even 36 hrs since we got a Net connection @ home...and I've spent a substantial part of this period in downloading some developer tools.

Any self-respecting techie would have surely tried Firefox at some point in time. I've been using it since it gained prominence, and never bothered to look back.

Last evening was dedicated to creating multiple user profiles, and hacking my profile to an extent that would make it impossible for tyros to handle. Look at how Spartan the toolbar has become. The navigation buttons are all gone! And it's still possible for me to surf with absolute ease. Well, the interface could be made more scant. In fact, it's possible to make all traces of the browser disappear from the screen!

Addendum: I've just removed the status bar, integrating the progress bar with the address bar. It's like gradually stripping a hottie!


Anonymous said…
Oh God!...i suddenly realised I'm technically illiterate...can I have someone to explain me the Techies' jorgons please?
Deepanjan said…
Mozilla Firefox is my gateway to the Net! No issues on that. I've almost stripped it naked!
Anonymous said…
ya..i could almost visualise it!...grt that u took the onus of stripping it!...but i suppose with so little notes i still stand to be an uneducated..
Deepanjan said…
IE is for the masses.
FF is for the classes.
Vivek said…
And NN for the jackasses, I guess!
Vivek said…
Netscape Navigator. Man, I can't believe you forgot!
Deepanjan said…
Gosh, how could I forget that!
FF is NN's distant offshoot. NN is as good as dead.
BTW, thanks for the call!
Anonymous said…
okay enough of this crap. this is what happened with me yesterday. i was trying to change the template of my blog. obviously i had to save the existing "links" that i had incorporated in my old template. the links included vivek's blog url( i was, for a change, using FireFox. as u know, the code for any template is quite big to search for a string manually. well, i hit ctrl+F and entered "its" in the string to be searched. the result : string NOT found!!! apparently, ur F#@&in FireFox is unable to search strings embedded inside a TextArea of a web page. i had had enough and i closed the "classes" thing and opened IE6.0 and repeated the above. this time, "its" in the TextArea was found and high-lighted for my benefit. thanks to IE, i copied the "links" to my new template. ANY COMMENTS???``
Deepanjan said…
You've got a very valid point. This bug has been bugging me for long and I'm hoping some extension will put things right...before the Mozilla team rectifies.
Deepanjan said…
A rudimentary solution:
While searching for texts within textfields, use Highlight all instead of Find Next. It'll work.

If the automobile industry was Open Sourced, every passenger in a car would have a steering wheel!

It would be a bane, but not so in the IT industry...provided you have the urge to drive!

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