Friday, March 03, 2006

A fashion show

We had a fashion show organized in our cafeteria. Some old pals from the other facility also showed up and it was great to meet them after so long an abeyance. Especially agog was Nilotpal and it was only due to him that I stayed back after work to enjoy the show. Actually, I wouldn't even be aware of it had he not informed me!

The crowd went wild and the whole place looked like a college with overzealous students! The life, the rumpus, the music, the ramp...well, I relished them all! And the participating babes looked hot, VERY hot! I must have fallen in love with at least half-a-dozen of them, although two in particular grabbed by attention real well! One was dusky and had a figure to die for. The other one was sheer grace and beauty.

I didn't stay there to witness the entire show. After spending sufficient time, I returned to my bay and surfed the Net till it was time to call it a day.

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