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No Nothings

  • I no longer receive emails
  • I no longer receive comments
  • I no longer receive phone calls
  • I no longer receive SMSes
  • I no longer read books
  • I no longer read magazines
  • I no longer watch TV
  • I no longer go to the movies
  • I never booze
  • I never party
  • I never smoke
  • I never flirt

Gosh, am I even alive?


Vivek said…
When was the last time you emailed/SMSed/commented/called up people like me? Quid pro quo, baby.
Vivek said…
Jhanvee, at least u tell this guy to go get some action .... maybe he'll listen to u .... our words r like water off a duck's back to him.
Deepanjan said…
So it's tit-for-tat!

I know you originally intended to keep your posts anonymous. That's why I refrained from commenting.

The same fact also holds for Sittu, although his anonymity too is effectively ruined due to the pics he posted.

About the other avenues...well, I thought my blog was more than enough. Also, I hate lack of originality. So no forwards from my side!

Having said that, let me also add that I dearly wish I had used a pseudonym for my blog. The self-restraint is so intense in my current blog that I'm left with nearly nothing to post!
Vivek said…
What does my keeping the posts anonymous have to do with your refraining from commenting. And 1st of all, my blog has my name on it .... what's with this anonymous posting funda anyway? And where's Jhanvee?
Deepanjan said…
Your blog title doesn't show your entire name!
Jahnvee's busy. She'll surface soon.
Vivek said…
Big deal! What's with the full name? Ever the nitpicker, aren't you?
Deepanjan said…
I thought that was your line of relative privacy!
Vivek said…
That's the problem with you. You think too much. Especially after Jaya got transferred.
Anonymous said…
"The same fact also holds for Sittu, although his anonymity too is effectively ruined due to the pics he posted."
what the F does this mean???
Deepanjan said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vivek said…
Sorry, sorry .... that was the Keralite girl .... whazzhername .... anyway, you seem to have got what you wanted .... comments!

BTW, why has Jhanvee gone under? Taken up scuba diving?
Deepanjan said…
If only she had nothing else on her mind!

And thanks to both u and Sittu for the comments!
Anonymous said…
And what pics???
Vivek said…
Heh heh, Sittu bhai .... ye galt baat hai!
Deepanjan said…
The one which clearly showed who u are! Taken at the convocation.

I'm privacy paranoid now, having had some very bad experiences in the past. No detail escapes me!
Anonymous said…
i had posted my pics earlier also. its not abt that.
and rob, kaun si baat???
Deepanjan said…
Let's cut the crap!
Gimme ur mail ids.
I've got some fantastic songs that I bet you'll love!
Anonymous said…
So true my man! Nothing happens in my life nowadays. So I proposed to a girl yesterday for marriage. I hope something materializes.
Deepanjan said…
WHAT?!!! Are you serious? Gimme the details.
Anonymous said…
Want to know more?
Check this out: -
Anonymous said…
Looks like somebody's been missing me! Viv I wish my life provided me with the luxury of taking scuba diving lessons (given a chance though, I probably never would take up on it). BTW, since the weekend has begun for u, I hope u get enough time to catch up on ur sleep!

Sam...I knew u were bold but didn't know u were a hopeless gutsy flirt! Congrats and keep us updated on ur progressive love story!! ;) for my responses to your No Nothings -->#1 on the list..I'm sorry I really don't hv the time to write and whtever time i get, it goes towards job hunting or reading. I hate not having net access at home..i've to go out of my way to come really sucks :( I did receive ur email though..i'll reply soon!

-->#2..this is the 22nd comment! That surely proves ur statement wrong.

-->#3, this point in time, i can't afford u mon ami!!

-->#5..*jaw drops* YOU don't read books anymore?? Are u down with the flu or something else? Oh ya..I bought A Suitable Boy three days back. Last night I finished reading upto Pg 181. How far are u?

-->#6,7,8..i don't either and I'm more than alive!

-->#9,10,11,12..these are the choices u made for urself. TOO BAD :p

ps: if u're reading this Deep, YES u're definitely alive!

alright guys..time for me to go. Just wanted to drop in and say hi to everyone and oddly enough I miss you ALL :D
Deepanjan said…
A fitting reply to all my gripes!
About reading books...ya I still read them, but only the technical ones. No time currently for literature. A Suitable Boy has been partly covered...just 10% of what u have already read.
My schedule is very tight and I hardly have time for the luxuries I yearn for. Have you seen people washing clothes @ midnight? I catch myself doing just that sometimes!
Anyway, I hope u meet success in your job hunting prawl. Keep me posted, will ya?

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