Friday, March 10, 2006

Desktop Search

I didn't switch off my PC while leaving office yesterday. It was a first. I find desktop indexing very irritating each time my machine is booted since both Microsoft and Google Desktop search are installed on my machine. They jostle for indexing and consequently make my machine almost unusable for over an hour. Abstraction of desktop indexing is not really a good idea since it should be the OS's job.

Microsoft Windows Vista will come with desktop search embedded right into the system. This is expected to make indexing a lot less obtrusive, something already flaunted by the Mac OS.


Vivek said...

It's called MS Windows Vista now.

deepanjan said...

Oops! It slipped my mind. Thanks!

Ankur said...

ha i wrote a perl script for migrating my 360 post to ... will check if i still hv it and let u know

Kunal said...

Hey, thanks for dropping in at my blog! When were you in FC, btw?