Monday, March 13, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

I'll be very busy this week and making major posts will not be possible. I already have 3 posts on my mind...but time just won't do justice to them. Wait for a few days!

BTW, last Friday was absolutely horrendous. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. It was also the first time I missed the cabin seat in the shuttle on both the trips! I could have written an entire essay...but time's the culprit!


Anonymous said...

hey hon..busy eh? how r u doing?? guess wht? i got the keys to my apartment first room on my greatest achievement :D i'm like flying rt now!! anyways i gotta jet..keeping busy with the job search..i hope ur having a good week so far...more sleep time and less of washing clothes at midnight ;)

take care busy boy..speak to u soon!

Vivek said...

Congrats J, Wow! your own apartment already!

Deep, I'm seriously contemplating emigration to Canada.

Deepanjan said...

Hi J! Reading your comments is always a treat! Congrats for the apartment...I'm sure you'll land up with a gr8 job very soon. Just be on the prowl!
I'm so addicted to blogging, I almost feel guilty if a day slips away without me being able to post something!
Too many things are happening in my life all at once, and airing them would invade the privacy of other people. That's partly responsible for keeping me mum. Of course, I'm also time-stripped!

Take Care!

Deepanjan said...

Rob, Canada is worthy of your emigration!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Viv and Deep!! BTW, it's not the entire apartment to myself. I have a room in the apartment that's mine. I share the apartment with my roommate. And I don't know wht u guys are thinking but I rent this place! But it's a big step for me coz i'm paying for my place without parental tht's gotta be something :)

Deepanjan said...

Being financially independent is a big deal, J!