Thursday, March 30, 2006

Backwarding a Forward

How often do u come across silly mails asking u to forward them to all your contacts? Well, I've had enough of this nonsense and decided to do something about it. But what could I do? Lecturing on net etiquettes would be totally futile. The only option I had was to resort to a backfiring...& I didn't spare it.

So what did the erring mail say? It was a plea by a 7 yr old girl begging for the mail to be forwarded since the Make a Wish Foundation had promised to donate 7 cents for each forwarded mail towards her treatment (she was supposedly ailing from cancer) !

The following was my retaliation (REPLY ALL):

I too have a wish: that at least IT professionals have enough brainwaves not to fall for such mails.

How will MAKE a WISH FOUNDATION come to know how many times this mail has been forwarded? Have they invented a new email protocol that defies all logic? And anyway, if MWF had enough money to spare, would it resort to using such cheap gimmicks? Doesn't it stink of the belittling of human values?

U c, spamming is a malice that runs on either of the following two mechanisms: Bulk Mailing...Human Stupidity. I've been careful enough to protect my mailbox from bulk mails. It's only human stupidity that I can't filter out. The only thing that I can do is to publicly lash out at such exemplary imbecility.


opinionatedinjerzee said...

i hate those emails too.. i used to get some that i will have bad luck if i didnt forward it.. so i just forwarded back to the person who sent it to me!!hehe!! i only forward emails that are really funny or have a moral to them.. not because i have to or i'll die! thanks for coming by my blog.. i like your blog too!

Vivek said...

You said it!

deepanjan said...

Jarzee, your idea is superb. I had already thought of using it...& perhaps I will if the malice doesn't stop. And no, sending just one copy to the sender won't be enough. I'll send at least 10 to choke the Inbox!

deepanjan said...

Viv, we have suffered enough!

Vivek said...

Yaar I got this silly mail from Siddharth Sinha (the 1 which you forward to at least 10 people & get a free Nokia handset in return), & replied back to him trying to explain about the futility behind it all. Would you believe it, the guy got annoyed with me! He actually said that I won't send you any more forwards ever! It took some more mails from me to cool him down.

deepanjan said...

U know somethin, not getting forwards is a fantasy that'll never come true for me!

When the carrot is dangled, greed easily eclipses common sense. And I'm not talking about donkeys!