Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Now this is ridiculous. Hotmail won't open in IE 6, but works fine in Firefox!


saurabh said...

I agree with ur prev post that IE 7.0 is s#it, but dont u think u r goin too far in just trying to prove ur point... Any given day, I'll prefer IE6 + XP SP2 to ur Fancy Firefox.

Deepanjan said...

Buddy, I still worship Microsoft. I still believe it's the greatest software company in the world. I still wanna work on Microsoft technologies. I'm still loyal to Microsoft Corp.

I didn't try to prove any point in this post. Just that it's surprising that Hotmail is/was failing to load properly in IE.

I would still choose IE over FF anyday. But I love the freedom of choice. I love Microsoft learning some vital lessons from the open source community.

IE 7 has learnt many vital lessons from FF. So use FF or not, you've got to be thankful to the Mozilla community for helping IE measure up!

Anonymous said...

All this talk of Firefox makes me want to try it out. I'm perfectly happy with IE and never thought of swapping but you give FF so much attention that my curiousity is about to triumph

Deepanjan said...

You just don't know what you're missing! Give FF a try, you won't regret it. At least your browser window will look slicker and different!

Revert to me for suggestions on extensions (tiny bits of code used to extend funtionality) or any other help.