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Anonymous said…
music makes the people come together ,
so showoff and play.
Deepanjan said…
Lemme know if you like it. It's a serenade by Mozart.
Anonymous said…
pity i can'nt hear him ,
is d titan watch tune a sympony
by some western classical musician too.

mozard lives on forever ...
its music more than words ,
music of moods , of seasons ,
imagination into reality ,
what you can say abstract speres ventured
and explored .

definitely mozards presence in ur blog,
makes atmosphere lively ,
welcome on mozard ur welcome !
Deepanjan said…
You got it right! I'm impressed!
The Titan watch ad carries a score from the First Movement (Allegro) of Vivaldi's Four Seasons-Spring.
Anonymous said…
only classical music i kn ,
and that tom and jerry music ,
a episode where tom plays
jerry disturbs , then sequence
jerry tires tom den tks credit
4 tom's preformence .

tin , to , tin , tin , tin , tin ,tin ...

in classic dramas , scenes been highlighted with music rather than
conversations .

babies getting more relaxed listening
to classics 4m mom's womb itself ,
increasing deir psychological ,
metal health .

maybe when couples fight best thing 2 do 2 get dem 2 senses will be 2
come between and turn on classical music ...

anyway classical music turns 2 be
good background , good wall paper ,
excellent company 2 a aching head ,
or excellent remedy should i say .

when music is played on comp ,
those shapes comes is it
according 2 tone and velocity of
music it is relaxing to watch dose
shapes .

hv u written blogs on classical music ,
will be glad 2 read them .
Deepanjan said…
Dig thru my archive to find posts on classical music. For the Tom & Jerry Show you mentioned, click here. The music is indeed a transcription for a very famous piano concerto.

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