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Chicken Fiesta!

I must thank my lucky stars for granting me roommates who are excellent chef material! In Pune, it was Kaushik. And now in Bangalore, it's Santosh who's feeding me with daily culinary delights!

It was lazy-hazy-crazy yesterday and Santosh expressed the desire to have chicken for dinner, a prospect I greedily latched onto. I sponsored, Santosh cooked and we ate to our heart's content. And there was enough to last us for lunch today. I guess my sponsorship has been well exploited! Even the PC couldn't accommodate all the surplus chicken at once. The stock could even drag on till dinner. Let's see. I'm only worried about by expanding waistline!

Addendum: The neighbours have been trickling in ever since word got out. Wish I could shoo them away!


Anonymous said…
fat transplantation from chicken to
human creature .
koon kehata hai murugi and uske annde
safe nahi hai ka aser faila huwa ,
people hen picked ho rahe hai .
murugi ka nasha kabi katam na hokar ,
chicken eating day celebrate kiya huva hai .

agar mushroom kaya huva murugi lete ,
to wo chicken apko meal banaya hota ,
kya fate hai murugi ka , mushroom shakti nahi pa saka .

par added weight ka asar ,
apko chicken figure de degi ,
savadan raho , over weight murugi
apka fate nahi ho jaye .

ko , ka, ra , ko , kooooooo
cock ka dodle doooo
Deepanjan said…
You've made me all the more conscious of my weight! Now I'm seriously contemplating doing something to keep it in check.

Thanks for the warning!
Anonymous said…
physical exercise and diet r the 2 options , i would vote for the former .

time constraint maybe a problem , but again a little exercise habbit habituated
would solve the problem , it just needs effort and motivation.

cos saying something , is not equal to
getting into action .

plus , physical exercise could be a stress buster ...and defence against
colestrol , fat which could lead to heart problems .

guess , software engineers , and everybody in general busy , don't find time to exercise , but if you hv will , u hv the way , if atall dere is any saying like that .

good luck in weight reduction ,
atleast figure ka kayal rakane ki
zarurat nahi hai , figure kayal tho
ladakiyon ki taraha dieting karni padegi , don't worry about that .

best do dancing playing sympony songs ,
relaxed and execised at the time available , later if found interesting
and worthwhile write a blog on it .
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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